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    Tuesday, November 16, 2010

    Behind & Beyond My Books (STOMPIN' ON STETSONS): Why a Roz Focker-Style Sex Therapist?

    Mornin', D. D. Scott-ville!

    Last week I promised y'all the scoop on the Behind & Beyond My Books insider tidbit on "Why Aunt Tulip - a Rosalind (Roz) Focker-style Sex Therapist".

    Just why is such a huge part of Book Two in my Bootscootin' Books Series - STOMPIN' ON STETSONS - all about Sex Therapy?'s "why"...

    I truly think Barbara Streisand's Rosalind (Roz) Focker character in the beyond hilarious MEET THE FOCKERS is one of the best characters ever, ever written then played on the big screen!!!

    And if you haven't seen MEET THE FOCKERS, you've got to watch it!!! Talk about some fabulous tit-for-tat dialogue (no pun know what I mean...LOL!!!)!!!

    And it's not just the witty dialogue that had me hooked, it was how wonderfully brilliant Streisand played her gutsy-girl Roz Focker part!!!

    Here she is working her "magic" on poor Robert De Niro who doesn't stand a chance in Hell against Streisand's Sex Therapist "exercises" and "therapeutic interventions"...

    Not even poor Roz's husband, the ever-lovable Bernie Focker - played by equally lovable Dustin Hoffman - stands a chance either...especially when there's whipped cream involved...

    Roz is relentless in her quest to "heal" those around her - plus her patients too - when it comes to feeling love through the joys of beyond amazing sex. She seeks to make sex, not only satisfying and fun, but a bond-building plus heart and soul healing adventure. Adventures that should never stop being new, exciting, and breaths of fresh air into every relationship - both old and new.

    And I just luuuvvv that unquenchable spirit she shares with the world, and that easy, care-free, natural way she teaches people to love again and allow themselves to be loved again! Great stuff!!!

    And sooo the inspiration behind my beloved Aunt Tulip in STOMPIN' ON STETSONS!

    Aunt Tulip - Dr. Telaine Patricia Cohen (affectionately called Aunt Tulip by her friends and family) - is a Sex Therapist with a Yale doctorate and also the woman who raised my heroine Jules Lichtenstien. She has an unfaltering bravado, always goes for life with gusto, always takes the paths least travelled, and is obsessed with all-things-Kama Sutra.

    Here's a little taste of Aunt Tulip's "magic" on my pages:

    “Dig in. There’s plenty more where this came from.” Cody motioned for everyone to grab a seat and have at the meal. “And Dr. Cohen, welcome to the bunch.”

    “It’s Aunt Tulip to all of you,” Tulip said, waving her arms in the air as if to banish the formality inherent in her title. “I’m just thrilled to be included. This spread looks magnificent. I couldn’t tell you the last time I had asparagus. It’s such a wonderful penis food.”

    Jules’ face turned a deeper purple than Cody’s champion beets. “I swear I can’t take you anywhere.”

    “Wait a minute, Jules,” Cody said, unable to let the topic remain unexplored. “I am a vegetable man. I need to know these things. Tell me more, Doc.”

    Judging by the animated expressions on the rest of Cody’s lunch guests’ faces, their curiosity was also piqued.

    Cody looked at Jules, hoping she’d give him the blessing to continue his inquiry.
    Using her middle finger, Jules repositioned her glasses on the bridge of her nose. And damn if she didn’t look way too hot in her new specs. But, she’d given him a sign all right. He’d be paying big time for encouraging Tulip.

    “Food figures in greatly to our overall sexual health,” Tulip said with a matter-of-fact professionalism fit more for a prime time documentary than Sunday brunch. “But most food good for sexual satisfaction is vegetarian.”

    “Nice career choice, genius,” Damian said and slapped Cody’s shoulder.

    Cody couldn’t help but smile, already liking what Tulip had to say.

    “There are many foods that we in the industry call penis foods that benefit everything penis-related, especially vegetables like celery and asparagus that have a phallic shape.” Tulip speared her fork through a piece of asparagus, using it as a visual aid.

    Cody squirmed, noticing the other men around the table did the same.

    Seeing Jules reach for her fork, Cody dropped his hands to his groin, turning them into a make-shift shield.

    Under pressure to perform, however, Tulip’s asparagus went limp.

    Putting it on her plate, she continued her lesson. “Now you boys do need to be careful consuming so much fried food as that can slow blood flow to your genitals.”

    “How about you pass the fried chicken, Aunt Tulip?” Although Jules used polite vernacular, her tone was anything but congenial.

    “That’s my cue, guys. I’m afraid our time is up, and we must end our conversation prematurely.” With a smug grin matching the mischief sparkling in her eyes, Tulip took a large chicken breast out of the bucket then passed the rest to Cody.

    Now how's that for a bit of Roz Focker-ish magic Behind & Beyond My Books - STOMPIN' ON STETSON-style?!

    Can't believe we're only 'bout a week away before its release!!!

    Releases Thanksgiving Week on Amazon Kindle & at Smashwords too!!!

    Sexy Sassy Smart Behind & Beyond My Books & Roz Focker-ish Wishes --- D. D. Scott

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    Blogger Tonya Kappes said...

    HAHAA!! I love the excerpt D. D.!! Too funny! We watched Meet The Fockers this weekend.

    November 17, 2010 at 3:49 AM  

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