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    Saturday, November 27, 2010

    How To Use Your Favorite Bitchy Signs!

    Happy Holiday Weekend, D. D. Scott-ville!

    R U'All still eatin' turkey and the rest of the leftovers too?! We just finished ours last night. Talk about Yuuuummmmmy!!!

    Anyhoo...I thought for a Bitchy Sign Friday a Wee-Bit-Late, I'd show you "how to use your favorite bitchy signs"!

    Bitchy signs are not just for collectin' and/or perhaps hangin' in your offices. Oh No! Why not use them in your every day decor or holiday tree-trimming adventures?!

    Here's how I used two of my favorite Bitchy Signs in our "Cow-Bell & Cracker Barrel Christmas"-themed Extravaganza...

    How fun is that?!

    Okay...and here's one of Sweet Man and I's favorite signs of all-time...the Cracker Barrel logo...

    telling us a fabulous Cracker Barrel Restaurant is close-by...and yes, it's certainly not bitchy, but it's "the" place to feed my muses. It sure makes 'em dance...and salivate too!!!

    But it doesn't just stop with eating at Cracker sir! My muses wanted to bring a bit of the Cracker Barrel ambiance they did:

    And yes...those are for-real Cracker Barrel Menus that I made into part of our tree topper this year!!!

    Fun stuff!!!

    Sexy Sassy Smart Usin' Your Bitchy Signs Wishes --- D. D. Scott

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    Blogger jaw said...

    I love your Christmas tree signs & your tree topper! How clever, plus what's not to love about Cracker Barrel!!! Happy Holidays to you & yours!!!

    November 28, 2010 at 8:12 AM  

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