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    Wednesday, September 10, 2008

    Date Night and Butt Rub

    Wednesday is my favorite night of the work week. That's Sweet Man and I's Date Night. Talk about feelin' the love...not that we don't every night, but Wednesday night we celebrate big time!

    Whether we wine and dine the night away, beer and sports bar grill it, or share a great casserole and Vitamin Water at home, we take the evening for only "us". Cocktails, conversation and cuddling reign supreme.

    And yes...even Sexy, Sassy, Smart Women like to cuddle. This one happens to a bunch!

    We cuss and discuss life on Date Night. There's nothing better than bantering with Sweet Man. He's hilarious to get all worked up...usually over some life-altering topic like whether we should use a dish sponge or cloth and/or why the anti-bacterial hand soap should be kept on the right side of the sink instead of the left. Important stuff in The Scott family.

    Once the finer points like these have been hashed out, we move onto even more vital issues like to Butt Rub or not to Butt Rub. And no, I'm not referring to 'butt' as in 'gluteus maximus', although that works on Date Night too. I'm talking about Bad Byron's Butt Rub the barbecue seasoning, something fabulous we've discovered for everything from pork chops to steaks to poultry. The company's logo is "A Little Butt Rub Makes Everything Better". And does it ever!!! If you want something sexy, sassy and smart sizzling in your kitchen or on your grill, check out their website at

    And speaking of sizzling, Date Nights are all about Sweet Man and I keeping the temperature of our love rising with these Hump Day Dinners for Two. We can be at one of our favorite restaurants only a few miles from home or at home snuggled up on the chaise lounge watching "Sex and the City" or "Ugly Betty" (okay...occasionally Sweet Man gets his way and it's a reel of last weeks NFL highlights on the NFL Channel).

    Doesn't matter what it is or where we long as we're together.

    Butt Rub, anyone?

    Sexy, Sassy, Smart Wishes --- D. D. Scott




    Blogger Katie said...

    Hey D.D Scott,

    try for a change of pace. You may find a date night that tickles you somewhat differently than the usual dinner or a movie date night.

    Let us know how you go?

    September 9, 2008 at 10:47 PM  

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