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    Friday, May 1, 2009

    Spring, BICHOK, and Timer-Writing

    TGIF, Everyone, and Happy Spring too!!!

    The nicer the weather, the tougher time I have keeping my BICHOK. For those of you non-writers, or newby writers who are unfamiliar with the acronym, we're talking Butt In Chair and Hands on Keyboard...LOL!!!

    It goes something like this...the sun fills my office with warmth and soul-satisfying light, a fabulous breeze blows in from the windows I seldom shut this time of year, and Sweet Man and I just got the motorcycle ready for another wonderful few months of terrific rides.

    How can I make time for BICHOK?

    This might surprise you, but for this RomCom Queen, it's not so bad. Although granted it's a wee bit more challenging than when the snow's drifted up against half my patio doors. Oh well, I'm making my deadlines. So all's well.

    I've always been one of those writers, and you can throw the tiniest of cyber stones my way if you so choose, who knows no such thing as writer's block. I've always got something to fill new pages. It comes from years of talking to myself when no one else felt like listening to my ramblings. But that doesn't mean I don't have to work at keeping a pace that will get me to a three-book a year schedule. That's about 1200 pages a year to work-in along with the business-side of writing as a career, the promo opportunities, and my craft development.

    Ohhhhh yeahhhhh...were talking time is of the essence and beyond in the D. D. Scott world.

    But thanks to Harlequin Blaze author Tawny Weber, I've discovered a fantastic new trick using Timer-Writing. Yep, we're talking using the 'ole kitchen timer. 'Course I'm not much of a cook. So I can now use the darn thing that's magnetized to my frig and must be feeling wayyyyy neglected by now. In fact, I might splurge and get myself one of those too cute rooster or egg-shaped time-tracker gadgets. Not sure what that does to my office Feng Shui or astrologically sound set-up, but I've always been a bunch off the charts and outside the box.

    Timer-Writing simply means you crank that baby up to however many minutes/hours you want, get your BICHOK, and produce some pages. That's it! How fun is that?!

    Now the secret will be training your family - as if they were Pavlov's dogs - to keep their salivations to themselves 'til your timer dings that your done for that writing stint.

    Tawny is not only a brilliant writer - if you haven't read her latest series, go get it right now (her April release "Coming on Strong" and May release "Going Down Hard" should still be in bookstores...if not, grab them online while you can) - but she's also a wonderful teacher on great topics like Courting Your Muse. Check out her website at

    That's it for today. So keep your BICHOK!!! And don't forget some fabulous rooster or egg-shaped timer or whatever shape works with your mojo.

    Sexy, Sassy, Smart Wishes --- D. D. Scott





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