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    Sunday, January 25, 2009

    Do Penguins Have Knees?

    Answering that question saved this RomCom Queen Wannabe...

    So here's the scoop...Sweet Man and I were on vacation last week in Tennessee at a local Starbuck's in Pigeon Forge cussing and discussing how to use their wifi to get online. The process kind of bit the big one...well...not kind just did. You were supposed to sign in and create an account with AT&T thru the coffeehouse's site then AT&T would send you an email with your new log-in passwords to continue accessing their connection. Too bad you had to go online to retrieve the password but couldn't do so until you'd managed to magically get online some other way...arghhhhhh!!!

    Okay...what does that have to do with penguins having knees? Which they do btw.

    Stumped as to how to get online, I discovered a goddess. One of the sassiest, most full of sarcastic fun and energy baristas I've ever met lamented over the idiotic process with me and offered to go out to her car and get her laptop. That way, she devised, being as she was much more clever than I, I could check my email on her laptop since she was already wifi ready thru Starbuck's service THEN I'd get my password so I could use the internet too.

    Still not sure about the whole penguin connection?

    Well...a couple of coffeehouse visits later, the same terrifically witty barista fixed my daily espresso therapy and needed to know for some text message she'd received from a friend "Do penguins have knees". Busy with some witch of a diva in the drive-thru and a line a mile long behind me, I was able to go online and google her question...only because her karma was so good for helping me get online to begin with days earlier.

    And she and I's penguin connection went further. I'd noticed her wallpaper on her laptop was a photo of her performing with some show. The day following my discovery that penguins do have knees (tucked up under the fury parts of their bodies that we can't see when they're strutting their stuff), Sweet Man and I attended Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede Dinner Show. There was our favorite barista strutting her stuff in the fantastic show!!!

    Karma is such a funny but fabulous thing!!! That sassy smart barista saved my day. I needed to get online to answer an email from the publicist of my dreams, and the internet is a tough treasure to find in the Smoky Mountains. In turn, I could then pay it forward by doing her penguin research. And who knew we'd both ended up knee-deep in fabulous fun at The Stampede.

    Sexy, Sassy, Smart Wishes and Penguin Moments --- D. D. Scott





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