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    Monday, January 12, 2009

    Cracker Barrel, Chocolate, Coffee, Pop Culture and Therapy

    Hello, y'all!!!

    I'm coming to you from the Great Smoky Mountains in Gatlinburg Tennessee where I'm fixin' to recover from a writing deadline of every bestseller-wanna-be's dreams.

    My agent called the Monday after Christmas and told me that three NY publishers needed more words and hotter sex for the first book in my Bootscootin' Blahniks series...oh yeah, baby...I've been cranking out love scenes for two weeks straight. I only hope the scenes went from "hot" to "hotter" like they were supposed to for the editors. I know I needed to either drink, smoke (which I don't), or take a cold shower every day after I finished I hope it does that for the editors too!!! LOL!!!

    Now I've got to recharge my muses', not for their vibrators...LOL!!! So where am I finding fun and fabulous tidbits to get The Carrie Squad back into their next books?'s my secret...I love the quirky, wacky gifts in Cracker Barrel gift shops and pop culture stores.

    Here are some wonderful, witty examples I've run across this week. I seem to gravitate toward those antique-looking, vintage metal signs that just scream Sexy, Sassy, Smart all over 'em. Here's a sneak peek:

    "For some there's therapy, for the rest of us there's chocolate" (on a coffee mug)

    "After all this therapy, I've finally realized it's all your fault" (on a vintage metal sign)

    "Drink Coffee and do stupid things faster with more energy" (another vintage metal sign)

    Are you feeling the same coffee, chocolate and therapy vibe I am? My muses are begging for all three!!! And I'm giving it all to them in the form of Starbucks (in Pigeon Forge where I'm sitting typing this with a grande red eye), home-made Smoky Mountain fudge, and retail therapy.

    Then it's back to our cabin in the mountains where I'll give into my inner Ugly Betty fixations and settle in for the night to finish out the first season. Now there's some great writing and acting going on in that show!!!

    Okay...there you have it...a little about how my creative mind works and what re-charges my muses for the next series...oh yeah, which I need to have partials done for

    So back to work...

    Sexy, Sassy, Smart Wishes --- D. D. Scott





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