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    Thursday, October 30, 2008

    Creative Bliss, Google Reader, Hip Tranquil Chicks, and Preston Bailey

    I've discovered a new source of creative bliss...Google Reader. And I'm enthralled by its genius!!!

    I've gone from clicking on pages upon pages of my favorite blogs to letting Google round up the new content for me then plop it in one place for me to absorb as needed...or not needed.

    Anyone who knows me knows I am a wealth of on what appears on the surface to be useless information but turns into little trinkets of fabulous and gems of fun. With Google Reader, I have all my virtual world sources of creative bliss coming to me instead of me having to find them. Less work and more yummy tidbits.

    You bet your sweet yoga-toned behind this works to enlighten me and The Carrie Squad...for example, I found a fun blog and hip tranquil chick to pamper our spirits...check this out at

    Another treasure trove of terrific stuff for my sexy, sassy, smart characters comes from a blog by one of my favorite event planners Preston Bailey. The man takes fabulous events to new heights of his own making. And I'm talking, one-of-a-kind, sensationally exotic ideas...take a sneak peek here:

    And no, I'm not nuts...well...okay...yes, I am...nuts over all the creative bliss and avenues for that creative bliss that I can find. Nothing feeds my muses and my writer's soul like fun information, hip tranquil chick lifestyles, and 'wow' designs and event ideas.

    Pamper yourselves and your creative bliss.

    Sexy, Sassy, Smart Wishes --- D. D. Scott





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