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    Friday, October 10, 2008

    Brainstorming with The Carrie Squad

    Inquiring minds always want to know where I get my story ideas. So I asked my muses The Carrie Squad and here's what they told me:

    (a) D. D. is terrific at scoping out some fabulous location like Nashville TN and other artsy, creative and hip spots that really get us in the mood to ask those all important "What If's".

    For example, 'What If' some holiday decorator of the stars (who has no idea who the handsome hunk is she's decorating for) meets him when he accidentally runs over the paper mache ghosts she's been tediously putting together for hours for the Halloween party he's throwing for his new meaning to our 'Boo'tscootin' series...LOL!!!...Note: This story, to be the fourth and last book in the Bootscootin' Series, came from a trip D. D. took on a Home of the Stars tour bus

    (b) D. D. is an extremely visual person and approaches her art that way, and we love what she shows us!!! She devours issues of Life & Style and many other fashion and celebrity lifestyle rags. She scours boutiques for quirky pieces of art and or clothing that for some reason just talk to the voices we fill her head with aren't enough...anyway, those pictures and objects give us something to center our visions around...and she often collages the images so we have a go-to point of reference

    (c) And speaking of points of reference, she is a research nutcase. Once she finds that special location or object, she pours over material about that subject, finding just that off-the-path piece we need to turn that idea into something sexy, sassy and smart

    (d) D. D. loves what she does. It's her passion. And even when she tries to quiet us down and give us a much-needed vacation, we pretend we're listening but keep whispering ideas to her as we spin them from the many visions dancing in her head

    Sexy, Sassy, Smart Wishes --- D. D. Scott





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