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    Friday, October 3, 2008

    Nashville, Tennessee

    Nashville was great! I would encourage anyone to visit the city. DD and I saw some sights, had great food and finished the trip with a river boat ride that included dinner and a show straight from LasVegas. Fortunately, DD knows what she likes and does not spend a lot of time walking from store to store to store to look at stuff. I did something I don't normally do. I spent a lot of time in the downtown bars at night. You don't go there to drink. You go to listen to the music. There are some fantastic bands that play the bars. They are hoping to be "discovered". It's like listening to a free concert. Every now and then an urn is passed. You throw in five bucks or whatever as a donation. That's cheap to listen to good music. And it was good. We walked into one bar and there stood Ronnie Dunn of the group Brooks and Dunn. I walked right past him (I didn't know who he was). He sang a couple of songs before leaving. It was kinda neat.

    The best part about the trip? I didn't have to bootscoot! Yes!!

    See ya.






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