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    Thursday, September 18, 2008

    Stilettos (Still - hell - toes)

    DD and I had the pleasure of attending a conference over the weekend. As part of our experience, we decided to shop Target and Sam's Club. Now, before I go on, just a comment or two about DD's rendition of the circumstances at Target. As you know, I am a police officer and have been one for 23 years. I, like most officers, have developed an inherent instinct of knowing my surroundings. The best way to be secure is by knowing what is going on around one's self. It is habit that I observe people. I want to know what they are doing in my safe zone. It is NOT my fault that, in DD's words, there happen to be "high voltage chicks" in the area of interest. I know many a man that has been burned by such a creature. I feel the need to protect DD and myself. Survival. It's that simple. 'Nuff said.

    Oh, and one more thing. Women go to a lot of trouble to fix themselves up really nice. They style their hair, put on make up and wear really nice clothing. What would be the purpose of these efforts if nobody looks. So, duh, I'm just doing them a favor...

    Back to my point. In a topically related incident, DD felt the need to wear high-heeled shoes in Target and Sam's (The woman's "Look at me" syndrome). Mere coincidence was that her feet still hurt on Monday night. So, being the guy I am, while Monday Night Football is on, I am rubbing her feet, and missing the game. She had some smelly lotion junk that is designed for foot rubbin'. I worked on those things for about a half hour. She commented how good her feet felt when I was done. I thought, "Job well done". She'll be good-to-go for a while. So, we're leaving the next morning for our day jobs. Now keep in mind that DD is an office manager-HR rep-payroll guru-do-all gopher person in a factory. She walks around a lot. What do I see on her feet? High heels. Naturally, I made a reasonable inquiry into the the virtue of wearing such shoes to a job like her's. The answer, "If my feet hurt, you'll rub them". OK. Valid point. I'll take care of her when she can't, and sometimes despite herself.

    So, I'll keep running my car into a tree because it can be fixed...





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