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    Thursday, September 11, 2008


    DD and I had the opportunity to watch a line dance class last weekend while visiting one of those tourist towns. It seems simple as there are only 8 steps that have to be made over and over again. Impressive was the way the obviously experienced just seem to glide together, all in rhythm. There was one guy that had very little, if any, experience. He looked a little lost at first. However, after a couple of songs, he was moving with the best of them.

    Nice story, huh? Well here's the catch. DD wants ME to take line dance lessons. My body movements are better suited for like, say, the Robot. I don't glide. My hips don't swivel. We're going on a trip to Nashville in a couple of weeks. She wants me to learn at the Wildhorse Saloon. I'm like, "No way! Not in front of everyone else". I am being assured that there are so many people on the floor, nobody cares how anyone else looks. Ugh!

    I guess I'll try it (Like I have ANY choice). A couple (half dozen?) of gin and tonics will be in order, first.

    What a guy won't do for love...





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