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    Friday, September 12, 2008

    Love and Lattes

    I swear there's a magnetic field between me and coffee beans. Add a coffee shop, and the force is overwhelming! Immediately upon entering a latte's lair, I'm at home...even if it's my first visit to that particular coffee cavern.

    Could be the rich aromas of the daily brews. Could be the conversations trickling in from the tables and lounge areas around me. Or it could be the funky coffee-house style jazz filtering through the surround sound. But whatever the source, the ambiance stirs my muse into sexy, sassy, smart mode.

    I'm telling you, with a grande red-eye (no room for cream) and a comfy couch or hidden away corner table, my fingers dance across my keyboard and or fill page-after-page of my notepad. The ideas flow through me like espresso shots, jolting me into a creative paradise. I lose myself in my story, live for those few hours vicariously through my characters...which is so much better than wearing stilettos in real life as D. D. Scott. The damn things kill my gargantuan bunions. And who has time for a bunionectomy?! Even the word 'bunions' sounds a bit much.

    Okay...back to coffee cafes. Besides waking my muses from their beauty sleep, the coffee shop went Cupid on me. That's right. While working with my muses over a cup of hot java, I got hit by one of the love god's amore-packed arrows...probably more like a pistol, though...since I fell for the county jail commander. Gotta love handcuffs...LOL!

    So Sweet Man started out as one of my department-assigned sources when I was a newspaper crime reporter. I knew - in the way you just do - the first day he came into my reporting room and introduced himself that there was something drawing me to get to know him...and that I'd like what I found. And wow did I! Three years later, after "coffee and great conversation" (that's what we called our Wednesday afternoon Signal 8s at our favorite local coffeehouse), we've made a home and life together...surrounded by love and lattes.

    Sexy, Sassy, Smart Wishes --- D. D. Scott





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