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    Monday, October 20, 2008

    A 'Once Upon A Time' in the Making

    Every wonder how a story comes to life then begins to take shape in a romance novelist's head?

    Here's an example of how my muses - The Carrie Squad - and I came up with a story idea this weekend...

    So Sweet Man and I were sitting by a corner window in a fabulous new martini bar and eatery, enjoying our pot roast and California Burger respectively, when we noticed a gorgeous, in a beyond stunning double-take way, middle-aged woman getting out of a sleek black, luxury sedan. The wind tousled the caramel curls escaping her up-twist and teased the fringe lining her exquisitely brocaded pashmina shawl. From her over-sized Jackie O sunglasses to the well-sculpted heels of her fine leather boots, the woman and her runway worthy gauchos held the world captive.

    She waited for a car to pass in front of her. As she waited, a handsome, distinguished man exited the same sedan. The woman never acknowledged his presence, crossed the parking lot before he even reached the crosswalk, and never once, so much as hinted at the crack of a smile. From her rigid, soured expression, I'm not so sure smiling was in her nonverbal communication repertoire. Or if it had been, it certainly wasn't anymore.

    After watching the scene unfold in front of us, The Carrie Squad and I were spellbound, intrigued, and getting busy long before the waitress brought us the huge wall of chocolate cake we ordered for a quick, creative power boost.

    We wanted to know 'why'...why didn't or couldn't the woman smile? 'What'...what or who in her life had robbed her of happiness and joy? 'Who'...who was she? And who was the man she left in her wake? 'Where'...where had they come from? Where were they going next? 'What'...what kind of place does she call home? 'Does' she live there alone or with this man? Does she have children?

    So there you have it...that's how I go out for a wonderful night with Sweet Man and come home having not only had a terrific time with the man of my dreams but also with a new 'Once Upon a Time' in the making and enough leftover chocolate cake for another creative boost.

    Sexy, Sassy, Smart Wishes --- D. D. Scott




    Blogger Celesta said...

    Funny how much writers love to people watch. As a writer, I sometimes spend more time people watching than interacting with them. Sad, but true.

    Because I have become such a cynic over the years, I’d say the women couldn’t smile because she had one too many Botox treatments.

    Then again she might be experiencing what so many Americans suffer from, caring more about the external than the internal. People will spend hundreds of dollars on the newest fashions or the latest skin care products and not give a thought to their internal health.

    Happiness comes from within and flows outward, just like we have to love ourselves to be able to love others.

    I used to be awed by women like the one described. But with a little age and wisdom in my pocket, I now feel sympathy rather than envy.

    Of course her sour state might have come from something as simple as the man grabbed her hand in the car and ruined her new manicure. Or she could have found out he was wearing one of her thongs.

    November 12, 2008 at 7:54 AM  

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