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    Friday, January 9, 2009

    Sweet Man's Police Stuff (D. D.'s title not mine)

    Blogging is a pain sometimes. I am not real wordy and it is hard to consistently write on various subjects. Who really cares what I think anyway? "So", I said to myself, "Why not concentrate on a subject that is not opinion based and is more informational in nature". Hmmm...Law Enforcement would be good. I should know SOMETHING of value after 26 years in the field. It is my hope that WIPS (Yes. I know what that means. Pretty good, huh?), writers, authors or anyone reading this blog can benefit from the information I will pass along. I don't know everything, but there are enough resources and contacts made over the years that an answer should be available for you.

    Unfortunately for you, I'll still insert an occasional editorial on how messed up I think society, and the world at large are, but it will be my goal to educate. Keep in mind that every police officer has an opinion, and it IS the most important opinion in the world. :-)

    I'll talk about police procedure, evidence handling, the egos and attitudes of law enforcement officers (What?!?), etc. Anything that applies to law enforcement.

    A little about me. I have been with the Sheriff's Department for almost 26 years. I started as a jail officer, working in that capacity for two years. Moving up through the ranks, I have been a road patrol officer, a patrol shift sergeant and a patrol shift commander, after being promoted to my current rank of Captain. My current assignment is that of jail commander.

    My credentials include certifications in: traffic accident reconstruction specialist, chemical breath test operator, the use of pepper spray, the use of a TASER (Oh, yeah! I haven't used the thing, though...), CPR and first aid. I was formerly a member of the department's SCUBA team.

    I am president of the County Animal Shelter Advisory Board and vice-president of the Community Corrections Advisory Board.

    I have served on the department's shooting review board, wage committee and helped write a K-9 policy and procedure. I have been blessed with a commendation for saving the life of a jail inmate and two "officer of the year" awards.

    In my next blog, I will begin to pass on information. Please let me hear from you. What kind of things would you like to know? Talk to me about your experiences with law enforcement.

    No, I do not take care of traffic tickets. :-)







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