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    Thursday, September 2, 2010

    RWA10: My Muses and The Magic Kingdom

    You know what they say...

    "What Happens In" - (in this case Walt Disney World) - "Stays In"...

    But that ain't happin' this time!!!

    I'm spilling the mighty creative beans and giving you all a peek at the magic my muses found at this summer's RWA10 in Orlando, Florida!!!

    So grab a coffee or a cocktail and let your muses play!!!

    First, a big 'ole qualifier muses have always been huge, huge Walt Disney fans. And here's why:

    Did you know Walt Disney once got fired as a newspaper guy 'cause he "didn't have any good ideas"?!

    Can you shout with me, "Hello, Idiots?!"

    Well...Walt's my man! He didn't let that defeat stop him. No way. And he didn't just make his dreams come true by seeing his beloved Disney World (code name "The Florida Project") come to life. He gave us all the inspiration to wish upon a star, and have the courage to see that wish become our reality.

    So you can imagine, based on my Walt Disney hero-worship, how beyond thrilled I was when it was announced that RWA10 was "Goin' Disney"!!!

    Here's a little photo collage giving you the inside scoop on Me, My Muses and The Magic Kingdom:

    Our RWA10 Magical Journey began next to the fabulous fountain in the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort! Just gorgeous!!! Michael Graves absolutely rocked the decor and design of the entire resort!

    Now that's one fabulous hotel! The Disney Dolphin Resort!!!

    Ended the first night at Disney for RWA10 w/fireworks at the Castle! Perfect end to a beyond perfect Disney Day w/my DH!

    DH treated me to these gourmet lollipops! Yummy!!! Aren't these the ones Kim Kardashian luvs?! Hope I look like her when I'm done devouring 'em! Hmmm - key lime pie or banana creme first?! Big decision!!! I went with the banana creme!

    RWA10 Fab & Fabulous Looking Food!

    RWA10 More Fab & Fabulous Looking Food - From a Top Chef too! I think Todd English's Bluezoo Restaurant.

    My muses also luv Disney's gorgeous gardens & topiary magic! Wish I had one of these magical brooms at home!!!

    Disney's Small World - One of my muses most favorite of all places! The epitome of magical kingdoms!!!

    Perhaps my favorite "world" in Disney's Small World

    At Disney, never forget to look up too! There's magic & dreams come true all around u!!!

    Gotta luv Disney's Hollywood Studios Stunt Shows! Being part of the pub industry feels like being a stunt girl daredevil!!!

    More from Disney's Hollywood Studios - same way it feels when u just got another rejection in the mail!!!

    Luuuvvv the Eye-Catching Epcot Sphere! Palm Trees a Huge Plus-Factor Too!!!'s that for a fun and fabulous, magical muse adventure?!!!

    And here's the scoop...the great thing about a-muse-ing adventures is that it doesn't matter "why" anything grabs your creative divas and hangs-on tight. It just matters that those images do hold-on.

    It's up to you - as your muses' Queens (and Kings) - just like it was up to Walt Disney - to make your dreams come true by harnessing your ideas and never letting go 'til you achieve your very own Magical Kingdom.

    Sexy Sassy Smart Muses and Magic Kingdom Wishes --- D. D. Scott

    P.S. In my next blog, I'll share a few of the fabulous writing quotes and anecdotes I picked-up at RWA10 from today's hottest romance genre stars!!!

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    Blogger jaw said...

    Hi D.D., What a clever way to compare your muses & The Magic Kingdom!! Walt Disney truly was one smart fella, & he NEVER gave up on any of his ideas, so writers should sit up & take notes. Where there is a will, there is ALWAYS a way!! Happy writing!

    September 2, 2010 at 2:33 PM  

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