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    Tuesday, August 31, 2010

    E-Book Country: How To Choose An E-Reader

    Morning, All!

    I'm thinking a lot of you may be going thru the angst of Choosing An E-Reader.

    No worries! I've been there. Done that. And I'm here to help you!!!

    Here are your choices:

    Kindle 3



    Sony E-Reader


    I know I was struggling with which one to choose 'til I took a fabulous class at RT10 in April given by the super terrific Angela James of Harlequin's Carina Press (, Sarah Wendell ( of Smart Bitches and Jane Litte of Dear Author (

    These three seriously "smart bitches" broke down the Choosing An E-Reader issue into a series of questions each of us should ask ourselves to figure out which E-reader has our name all over it. I took their advice and now know exactly which E-reader is perfect for D. D. Scott.

    Let's see if their questions can help you make your Choosing An E-Reader dilemma as simple as...well...answering the below items from your point of view:

    1. Think about HOW you like to read and WHERE you buy your books?

    For example, if you like to read outside, the girls said the iPad ( can be tough on your eyes and is a bit heavy. You can also see yourself in the screen which can be kinda annoying. The Kindle (, however, uses e-ink which is perfect for outside and doesn't have the glare factor causing you to see yourself in the screen like the iPad.

    But if you want to be able to read items in color - i.e. shopping online, color-rich magazines or books - nothing beats the iPad. In fact, one of the ladies uses her iPad as a bribe for her children in that if they're good all day, they get a bedtime story on the iPad with all its super cool interactive story features. Fun stuff!

    2. Where do you read the most?

    You definitely need an e-ink device to read outside. E-ink is like Etch A Sketch ink. And it's great for long battery life (goes about 2 weeks on a single charge). The Kindle is e-ink so great for outside and will last about 2 weeks on a single charge. The Barnes & Noble nook is also an e-ink device ( so would be great for beach reading too. The iPad doesn't work so well outside per the girls above and lasts about 10 hours, but that is 10 hours of color-rich text if you don't mind the glare and the extra weight of the device.

    3. Will you shop around a lot for the best price on a book?

    DRM (Digital Rights Management) limits where you shop for books - ex. Kindle is locked primarily to Amazon. DRM is the software used to "wrap" an E-Book and locks you into a device and place to shop for your books. The iPad is the best device for being able to shop anywhere in all formats (because it uses what's called the E-pub format which is no-DRM or unlocked if you will. The Sony E-Reader ( is both an e-ink and E-pub device as is the new Kobo reader ( The nook, however, is tough to use with the E-pub format.

    **Note: At this time, all NY pubs are using DRM, thus limiting you to having to perhaps buy different format versions of the same book to be able to read it on more than once device.

    4. Will you need more than one device?

    The girls said an unanimous "Yesss!!!" to this. They said the Kindle is a must because you can read it anywhere as long as you don't mind buying from Amazon. But, if you want color and more of a computer/laptop element, you'd want the iPad.

    5. Do you own books now that you want on your E-reading device and do you want to share your books with family and friends?

    Kindle allows 5 devices to be hooked to your account. The nook has a cool "lend me" feature where you can lend an e-book one-time to one friend.

    6. How tech savvy are you?

    The girls said Kindle is by far the easiest device for readers, and you can even email files to it. They thought the nook was next best but it wasn't as easy to buy books on it through Barnes & Noble buy apps. They all said the Kobo bookstore still needs a ton of work. Sony's e-book store, however, is international and has the widest shopping ability. Kobo's store will soon be international.

    Once you download your books, always back-up and use the "library" features each online store offers. Basically, you're kind of creating your own virtual book shelves to pull down books when you're ready to read 'em. How cool is that?!

    7. Do you want to read newspapers, magazines and kids' books?

    We touched on this earlier, but it is important enough to give it its own section. The iPad rules for these functions - ex. Disney's library is now interactive with super fun adventures embedded and linked-to in most of their e-books. Basically, anything color-rich, whether gardening books, home decorating, cook books, or other non-fiction titles, iPad reigns supreme. Although, Kindle and nook are great for reading newspapers.

    8. Cost factor?

    iPad = $499 - $800

    Sony = $350 +

    Nook = $250 +

    Kindle = $139 - $189

    Kobo = $149

    ***Note: Only Sony comes with a case. The rest you buy cases extra for $30 +

    Great info, right?!

    Thanks to all these super smart and savvy women!!!

    Let's did all this stack-up for me?

    Well...keep in mind that most of the above, if not all by now, have free apps so you can use their readers to read from your smart phones. So, to start with, and to work myself into reading via E-reader devices 100%, I began e-reading using Kindle's free app for my iPhone! And wow do I love it!!!

    And keep in mind too, I was one of those brick and mortar bookstore queens who swore I'd never, ever enter and participate-in let alone publish in the brave new E-Book World.

    Well...guess what?!

    I've never been one to say never and sooo shouldn't have then. I'm sooo beyond hooked reading from my iPhone and can't wait 'til my new Kindle 3 lands on my doorstep. Next, I'm saving for an iPad 'cause I do most all my research for each new book series I write via magazine. Since my muses thrive on color-rich images, I'll definitely be a multi-device e-reader.

    Once you've answered the above questions for yourself, check-out my Facebook Wall and you'll find a ton of great links to all kinds of E-reading devices, reviews and info. Here's the link:!/profile.php?id=100001238957002

    Since my debut release BOOTSCOOTIN' BLAHNIKS hit E-shelves the world over beginning this month on Kindle and Smashwords, I'm obsessed with all-things-EBook and will share with you everything I learn. So stay-tuned for more fabulous, must-know scoop!

    Do yourself a favor in the mean time though, and never say never!

    Download one of the free e-reader apps for your PC or smart phone. I recommend Kindle's which you can find on Amazon. Amazon will prompt you - right before you buy your first E-Book there - to choose which free device app you'd like to download. Here's what the screen will look like...check-out the right side of the page for all your device choices: and Smashwords works the same choose the device format you need...

    I'm a tellin' ya, once you try reading this way, you'll be amazed how comfortable it is for your eyes and your hands (as most of the devices, except for the iPad are much lighter than any book and sooo sooo easy on the eyes). Also, E-readers are fabulous for travel! No more shipping books to and from my destinations. And yes, that's what I've done all these years! Plus...if you're like me, I just don't have any room for another bookshelf and my TBR piles are seriously wayyy outta control!

    Hello, E-Book Country! D. D. Scott is sooo stayin'!!!

    Sexy Sassy Smart E-Book Country Choosing An E-Reader Wishes --- D. D. Scott




    Blogger jaw said...

    Hi D.D., What a great idea for a blog & SO informative, too. So many of us don't know ANYTHING about the new E-readers, so that was awesome to learn more about them. Thanks SO much! By the way, I loved your new book, "Bootscootin' Blahniks!"

    September 1, 2010 at 1:04 PM  
    Blogger D.D. Scott said...

    Sooo glad you enjoyed learning more about E-readers, jaw!

    There are sooo many to choose from. And it truly is all about you and your reading habits as to which is the best device for you.

    And thanks bunches for the sweet comments re BOOTSCOOTIN' BLAHNIKS! Can't wait 'til you read book two in the series - STOMPIN' ON STETSONS - which will be out right around Thanksgiving this year!

    Sexy Sassy Smart E-Reader Wishes --- D. D. Scott

    September 2, 2010 at 3:25 AM  

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