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    Thursday, October 28, 2010

    E-Book Country Experiment Starts Next Week!!!

    Ohhh's almost the weekend!

    And what that means today in D. D. Scott-ville is that it's time to fill y'all in on the first ever E-Book Country Experiment that's kicking-off right here next week!

    Here's the scoop...

    Many of you know by now that one of my goals is to do for the Romance and Cozy Mystery Genres what the beyond genius JA Konrath ( has done for the Mystery and Thriller Genres as well as what he'll do soon for the Sci-Fi World too!

    And that is...give you all the super-cool stats, facts, and marketing strategies that can take a relatively obscure new book and/or author from the bottom of Amazon's sales to the top of their bestselling charts! that end...

    Next week, to start-off November with a Gobble of Fun and Thanksgiving-style feasts and celebrations, I'm doing a Call-Out For DARC Queens & Kings !!!

    Not sure what a DARC is?

    DARC = a Digital Advanced Reader Copy

    So what does that mean here in D. D. Scott-ville? means it's your chance to feast first on my Book Two in The Bootscootin' Books Series - STOMPIN' ON STETSONS - which will be released on Amazon Kindle & Smashwords during Thanksgiving Week!

    That's right...not only will I reveal the fabulous STOMPIN' ON STETSONS cover next week, but I'm going to give y'all a chance to celebrate it's release month by giving you the chance to get your DARC ahead of the release date plus get it for FREE!!!

    I'm saying Thank You to my Bootscootin' Books fans during our Thanksgiving Holiday Season by giving you the chance to get a FREE copy of Book Two STOMPIN' ON STETSONS!!!

    I'll give you all the details early next week!!!

    For a hint at what's in store for you, check out JA Konrath's blog at ...

    Sexy Sassy Smart E-Book Country DARC Experiment Wishes --- D. D. Scott

    P.S. And here's the link to The Bootscootin' Books - Book One - BOOTSCOOTIN' BLAHNIKS - in case you want to read it first before getting your FREE copy of Book Two - STOMPIN' ON STETSONS:

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    Blogger Tonya Kappes said...

    You are the energizer Muse Therapist!! YOu keep going and going and going.

    October 28, 2010 at 2:06 PM  
    Blogger D.D. Scott said...

    It's only because I have a fabulous family and fabulous friends like you, Tonya, (that I think of as family) that keeps me going and going and going!

    Y'all's sweetness & support keep me energized and ready to fight the big 'ole fights!

    Sexy Sassy Smart Energizer Wishes --- D. D. Scott

    October 28, 2010 at 2:23 PM  
    Blogger jaw said...

    Yes, I'll have to agree with Tonya. You really are like the "energizer bunny," as you never seem to stop----you just keep going! Good for you! Keep it up. You can bet that I'll "stay tuned" to your latest blogs, as I'm ready to read your next release---ASAP!

    October 28, 2010 at 2:26 PM  
    Blogger D.D. Scott said...

    Hi, jaw!

    I can't wait to give you the scoop on this new E-Book Country Experiment!

    I'm sooo excited 2B able to reward my fans in this way!!!

    Stay-tuned for all the details next week!

    Sexy Sassy Smart STOMPIN' ON STETSONS Wishes --- D. D. Scott

    October 28, 2010 at 2:31 PM  
    Blogger LoRee Peery said...

    D.D., the pace you must live!! What a week for an online course -- my monitor went bad, my hubby was in and out of the hospital, and I have edits for my second book to get done. But we've had glorious weather and things always settle down. Great job, and thanks for sharing.

    October 30, 2010 at 12:40 PM  

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