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    Monday, December 20, 2010

    Sweet Serendipity, My 2011 Year of The E-Book Adventure, & The WG2E

    Happy Monday, D. D. Scott-ville!

    It's almost 2011, and boy-oh-boy does that mean bigger-than-big, new adventures in D. D. Scott-ville!!!

    Last week I christened 2011 as The Year of the E-Book and Cross-Pollination and told you I'd be sharing the details. are a few of the details...

    E-Books are sooo here to stay! And for that very reason, the Publishing Industry has been turned on its huge head!!! Which means a writer's personal life and his or her business life will never again be the same!

    Here's one take on that Brave New World from amazing author Robert Walker (as interviewed by my Go-To-Guy J. A. Konrath on his blog :

    Rob: I found this so serendipitous that a story chockfull of technology and science fiction is being self-pubbed. In fact, my last five booklength works, one a how-to, have been Kindle original titles.

    I say serendipitous because my dream as a writer had always been to publish as I produce – no nine month gestation period, no year and a half wait for print, but pubbed the day after completion, hot off the brain. Technology in the real world has caught up to my dreams...

    D. D. Scott here: A great example of my Year of the E-Book claim...right?

    Now check this out...and you'll also get a hint at what Cross-Pollination is all about too...

    JA: But your answer does not cut to the real issue—who are you, Robert Walker, to take on the Titanic? You are known for your serial killer and police procedural and medical examiner novels and forays into the horror category.

    Rob: I brought all the categories I have ever written in on this novel: mystery, history, autopsy, horror, science fiction, coming of age, suspense, generational, thriller, steampunk, romance—

    JA: Sounds meaty.

    Rob: The novel is meant to cut across time, space, and genres or pigeon holds and traditional publishing holes. The novel has more layers than an onion, and as they are peeled away it falls into place like a puzzle in two time zones—past and future. Drink up. You’ll need it, Joe.

    Robert Walker is an "old friend" of Joe's who Joe (aka J. A. Konrath) helped earlier this year get his backlist of 30+ out-of-print novels onto Kindle.

    Walker now has a new ebook out...Titanic 2012 – Curse of RMS Titanic...which I just downloaded onto my Kindle, not because any of Walker's genres are my thing...but the story just sounded so damn intriguing, and I'm paying it forward by downloading writers who've had the courage, like I have, of going the E-Book route.

    I mean look at this fabulous cover?! What's not to love?! Especially after you read the rest of Joe's Interview of Walker and read the novel's excerpt included in the interview!!!

    So what does Walker's "Sweet Serendipity" have to do with D. D. Scott-ville 2011?

    It's called The WG2E - The Writer's Guide to E-publishing - my new, Year of the E-Book Adventure!!!

    As I've been teasing you with, I'm partnering with the ever-fabulous authors Tonya Kappes, Misa Ramirez and L. A. Lopez to do for all genres what J. A. Konrath and now Walker too have done for the Mystery, Thriller and Sci-Fi genres.

    More details will be coming very soon...but basically, we've co-founded The WG2E to be your destination site for Everything E-Publishing.

    You'll find fabulous discussions on such topics as:

    *** Using the Term Indie Pubbed vs Self-Pubbed

    *** How Much Do Covers Matter in E-Publishing

    *** How Writer's Goals Must Change w/the Ever-Changing Publishing Industry

    *** An on-going series of posts regarding the "Real" Numbers and an analysis thereof

    *** Agency Pricing (9.99-11.99 plus) with a 7-30% (40% if u r lucky) royalty vs. Using the Much-Debated Kindle Price-Point of 2.99 (where you can buy three books for less than one agency priced book) and Make 70% Royalties Paid Monthly vs. Paid Twice Per Year

    *** Putting Blogs Up on Kindle for 99 Cents/Month

    *** How To Categorize Your Releases on Kindle to Max Your Chances of Making Amazon's Bestseller Lists

    *** What Is a Kindle Nation Daily "Push" & Why Y'all Need One

    *** How Sales Dramatically Increase on Days You've Found a New Audience (whether by increasing FB & twitter friends/followers or guest blogging, teaching a class, etc.)

    *** Small E-Press Success vs. Indie Publishing the Amazon Way

    *** E-Book Promo Ho-ing vs. Working Traditional Publishing Marketing & Publicity "Corners"

    How's that for some MAJOR NEW YEAR WG2E FABULOUSNESS?!

    WG2E launches on January 1st!!!

    You won't want to miss it!!!'s what we at WG2E need to know...What other topics - Everything E-Publishing - do you want info and scoop on?!

    Leave your Everything E-Publishing questions in my comment section here at D. D. Scott-ville, and if we don't know the answers you need, we'll help you find them!!!

    Sexy Sassy Smart WG2E Wishes --- D. D. Scott

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    Blogger Tonya Kappes said...

    Can't wait girlfriend!

    December 21, 2010 at 3:58 AM  
    Blogger jaw said...

    This sounds so cool & so informative, as many of us don't know much about the E-book world. Now we'll have a way to learn all the latest scoop! Thanks ladies!!!

    December 26, 2010 at 7:43 AM  

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