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    Tuesday, August 23, 2011

    What's Next in D. D. Scott-ville?

    Happy Tuesday, D. D. Scott-ville!

    What a superfab first week for my latest release LIP GLOCK - Book Two of The Cozy Cash Mysteries!!!

    In just its first 5 days of availability, it's sold almost 100 copies!!!

    Thanks sooo much all you beyond wonderful D. D. Scott-ville peeps, readers and fans!!!

    I'm havin' such a ball writing these Cozy Cash Mysteries, and I can hardly wait to share each new book with you!!!

    Speaking of which, I thought I'd give y'all a Sneak Peek at what you'll see coming soon from my D. D. Scott Bootscootin' and Cozy Cash Mystery Worlds.

    So here's the scoop:

    October 2011

    The debut short story in The Mom Squad Mini-Mayhem Mysteries - FLUID FULFILLMENT - will be released!!

    What are The Mom Squad Mini-Mayhem Mysteries?

    I've had sooo many of you request new stories featuring my Bootscootin' Books and Cozy Cash Mysteries Mom Squad Characters. So I decided I'd treat y'all to short stories! Each story will feature at least one of The Mom Squad quirky-crazy, blue-haired Charlie's Angels wanna-be's! You'll get to meet their extended families PLUS learn the unique skill each Mom Squad Member has been trained-to by The Cozy Cash Mysteries' QuarterMaster R.

    Rumor has it, FLUID FULFILLMENT features Roxy's mom Lily Vaughn, who some say is now fairly gifted in Ju-Jitsu.

    Rumor also has it, FLUID FULFILLMENT will be available not only on its own but also as a special bonus in the first ever D. D. Scott Special Edition Boxed Set which will include all three Bootscootin' Books plus both Cozy Cash Mysteries in an amazing "5 for 5 Special" with super-cool extras included...just in time for the Holiday Season!!!

    And speaking of the 2011 Holiday Season...

    Thanksgiving 2011

    The inaugural Naked Hero Christmas Anthology - MADNESS UNDER THE MISTLETOE - will be released, featuring my first ever Cozy Cash Christmas Story - HULLABALOO AND HOLLY TOO - plus superfab Christmas novellas from the amazing Tonya Kappes, Lee Lopez, a mystery guest author from across the pond (as in a UK Author), plus Misa Ramirez/Melissa Bourbon too!

    I'm over the moon for HULLABALOO AND HOLLY TOO - think Will and Kate gone Bond, James Bond in The Grinch's Who-ville.

    Now then...for 2012:

    Rumor has it, you can expect a Mom Squad Mini-Mayhem Mysteries Collection, as well as at least three more Cozy Cash Mysteries and a couple other waaay wonderful releases too!!!

    Now that's some superfab muse rockin', right?!

    Nothin' beats treatin' my readers and fans to great books for great prices!!!

    Sexy Sassy Smart, Muse-Rockin' and D. D. Scott-ville Wishes --- D. D. Scott

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    Blogger Pj Schott said...

    Those muses been rockiin' all right!!

    August 23, 2011 at 6:13 AM  
    Blogger jaw said...

    Wow, D.D.! You're one busy author and a great one, at that! I don't know how you manage to come up with all of those ideas. Your muses must NEVER go into sleep mode! Anyway, keep up the great writing, & enjoy your day.

    August 23, 2011 at 7:16 AM  

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