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    Wednesday, August 19, 2009

    Writing Tips and Tidbits From RWA D.C.: Linda Howard, The Keeper of the Nuts

    Back with another "tips and tidbits" anecdote from RWA D.C....prepare to organize your nuthouse!

    That's right...start taking stock of the "nuts" in your life...and keep writing no matter what the hell they're up to.

    Today, I'm passing-on NYT's bestselling author Linda Howard's advice on how to write through anything. And damn, if she doesn't mean anything!

    Thursday, July 16th, at RWA D.C., we were lucky enough to attempt to eat a fabulous lunch at the Marriott Wardman Park Washington D.C. I say "attempt" because it was tough to swallow let alone digest food due to Linda's beyond-hilarious keynote luncheon speech.

    Linda set out to prove to us that she was the most prepared woman in the room to embark on and succeed in a writing career. She's adamant she made it in the publishing business because she is the organizer of her personal nuthouse. And she'd learned from the best how to stand-out in a crowd. After all, it was her mother that had pork chops (still warm) in her purse when Linda and her friends got hungry at a concert and the food vendor lines were out of control.

    Linda encouraged us to always be prepared for success by learning how to keep writing...through anything.

    Sounds like she should know...

    For her, when you have a brother and EX "stupid slut" sister-in-law ("Bless her heart") - and those are all Linda's words...not mine...LOL!!! - you live in a nuthouse. When said people concoct a trip around the neighborhood with ex SIL in her wheelchair (after surgery) being pulled with a bungee cord by dear brother on his tractor, you live in a nuthouse. When these same family members attempt to travel up and over a bigger-than-big hill 'til the cord springs into action, you live in a nuthouse. Then do it again further down the block. get the picture!!!

    And you now know why I couldn't finish my dessert and coffee unless I wanted to gag and/or choke between laughs.

    Linda said she wasn't just the keeper of the nuts. She seemed to attract them too! Just like the rest of us do on our writing-to-publication journey.

    But not to worry...Linda says we just need to "hang in there". "Do the best [we] can". "And when the nuts fall, take cover".

    Sexy, Sassy, Smart Nuthouse Wishes --- D. D. Scott

    P.S. And don't forget to put the pork chops (still warm) in your purse!





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