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    Monday, November 23, 2009

    Muse Therapy Testimonials

    Happy Monday, All, and Happy Holiday Kick-Off Week too!

    With all the hustle and buzz of the Holiday Season, do you need a good reason (aka excuse) to justify pampering yourself and your muses? And how about jump-starting your 2010 writing-for-publication career goals and aspirations?

    With today's tight market, writers need all the encouragement we can get, right?

    Well...I'm here to give you just the year-end, new year-beginning kick in the pants you need to make 2010 the year you produce new pages with gusto!

    My final Muse Therapy Class for 2009 starts December 2nd and runs through December 14th. Sign-up today at

    Let these testimonials from recent Muse Therapy Online Class Participants work their magic, then do the trick and get you to click the sign-up link above to nourish your creative divas.

    Here's a peek from a single mom and mad scientist by day job and an unpublished writer of elf stories...

    "I don't know how else to describe it other than to describe where I was and
    where I am now. Once upon a time, my muse and I worked together and the words
    flowed like... a steady stream after a night's worth of good rain. Then one day
    (lol, I remember the date: December 1998) the stream went dry and nothing
    emerged. No words, no thoughts. Nothing that could remotely be described as
    creative happened. I was totally lost. Devastated. Then I took a big leap of chance and took this workshop (the only way I would let myself take this workshop was to argue with myself that I would not lurk (like I do on just about every other board, loop, class I've ever been a part of), but had to participate in order to fully experience what I personally needed to experience). And things opened up for me. And boy did it help me. Like I said, I can now hear my muse and see her. She talks to me daily about life, liberty, and the pursuit of a villain for the wip. I now dream again. Good dreams. Dreams of stories. Like I used to way back when (not
    as many, but they're slowly increasing in number and vividness).

    I do not have the words to aptly convey the joy I experience on a daily
    basis having reconnected with that lost part of myself. I know that my journey
    to self reclamation is not done yet, but I'm not afraid of it AND, more
    important, I now recognize that I am the captain of this ship -- both internal and
    external. My muse is no longer an elusive Greek myth, but a reality that is
    incorporated inside me. Once I made that realization, then it opened up all
    sorts of revelations like...I can fix me (don't know about you, but trying to
    fix an elusive Greek myth is sort of, well, nigh to impossible comes to mind)
    and I can believe in me and my abilities, because I already do -- now I just have
    more to believe in.

    I know that I still have some issues (like getting back to the keyboard) to work
    through with my muse self, but it's okay. I'm not afraid of it. And I can't
    thank you, DD, enough for presenting this workshop when you did -- the timing was
    just perfect for me in more ways than I can count."

    And here's a bit on the Muse Therapy experience from a military wife and cancer survivor:

    "Hi, all! I'm Rita (name changed for privacy), and I live in Eastern Washington near the border with Idaho. I've been writing ever since I could string two words
    together and hold a crayon (long before home computers, I'm afraid), and I've
    never once given a thought to my muse. I've spent years honing my craft -- studying scene and sequel, MR units, characterization, etc, but not a second on my muse. I don't have a name for her -- never cared about her. So why am I here?

    Last month I was diagnosed with cancer and had surgery. I'll be fine caught early and all that), but it was a brush with mortality that reminded me how short and precious life is. Right on the heels of that I found out that my husband will be going on a 6 month deployment to Afghanistan starting late this winter. While he's gone I will have the fun of moving my family to the other coast and getting them settled there to await his return. With all this going on, I have been advised by well-meaning friends to "get my priorities straight" and concentrate on what's important. By this, they mean for me to quit writing and get done what they think is important. Every time some well meaning person says that there is a small voice in the back of my head that starts screaming that I won't make it without her -- I
    think that's my muse, and I think she's right. So here I am.

    I'm starting from scratch, and I have the feeling my muse may be a little dusty and bruised from abuse, but I think meeting her may be the most important thing I do this month (right up there with the wound care I'm still dealing with from surgery earlier this month). Please forgive me if I'm a little slow, but I'm new to this."

    Feedback from participants like the two fabulous women above has sooo touched my heart! Doesn't get much more powerful than this...

    Happy Holidays To All!

    Hope to see you "in therapy"...Muse Therapy that is...LOL!!!

    Sexy Sassy Smart Muse Therapy & Holiday Wishes --- D. D. Scott




    Monday, November 9, 2009

    Muse Therapy, Christmas in Oz & Holiday Movie Magic!

    Ohhh yeahhhh...bring on the holidays!

    I'm a Holiday Nut...yes, I'm "crazy" as in that kind of "nut" too...but nothing gets my muses going like The Holidays...D. D. Scott goes all-out nuts for The Holidays!!!

    For example, each year I decorate my home with a brand new holiday theme! Drum roll please - to the beat of Amy Grant's "The Christmas Collection" CD as that's my holiday music of choice - this year's theme is "Christmas in Oz"! Our home will become Emerald City...complete with a Yellow Brick Road leading to our all-things-green, Oz-tastic Christmas tree (thanks goes to my fabulous niece Sam for that idea!)!!!

    Oh...and the topper for the tree will be this huge, huge iron cornucopia turned upside down and spray-painted metallic, sparkling emerald green (of course)...why?!...that's the Wicked Witch's hat!!! They'll be tons of flying monkeys helping Santa's elves this year too!!! And the holiday cocktail of choice will be something made with Creme de Menthe!

    Now...besides each year's over-the-top theme, I indulge in a bunch of way beyond terrific holiday movies! Here's my list:

    The Family Stone
    The Holiday
    Christmas with the Kranks
    Jim Carrey's The Grinch
    Four Christmases
    and of course all the favorite Holiday TV specials - i.e. Rudolph, Frosty, Charlie Brown Christmas, Jack Frost, Baby New Year, etc.

    For more holiday movie flick greats, check out my friend Heather Long's Daily Dose Fantasy-Romance Blog at

    What about all of you out there in Blogville? What gets your muses into the fabulous spirit of the holiday season?!

    Sexy Sassy Smart Muse Therapy Holiday Wishes --- D. D. Scott

    P.S. If you need help reining in your muses for 2010, get-off to a great, writing-for-publication new year start by taking my Muse Therapy Online class December 2nd thru 14th at