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    Tuesday, June 30, 2009

    Debut of D. D. Scott "Promo Ho" Bag

    Fun and Fabulous News!!!

    I'm debuting my D. D. Scott "Promo Ho" bag in two weeks in Washington DC during the RWA National Conference July 15th thru 18th!!! Here's the scoop on the conference:

    And here's the scoop on the bag-of-all-bags:

    I'll be in DC from July 11th thru the 20th. Find me and my bag either in the hotel or out-and-about in DC, and you'll get a fabulous D. D. Scott tchotchke!!!

    The bag is a huge, Beijo dark raspberry Luxe Collection Getaway bag, hand-painted by my fabulous friend and artist Teri Partridge of the Pear Tree Gallery. Check out her work at

    I'll post pictures of the bag before I leave for DC on July 10th.

    Stop me and introduce yourself, sign-up for my mailing list, and you're the proud owner of a D. D. Scott Sexy, Sassy, Smart Stuff tchotchke.

    And here's an added signing up for my mailing list, not only do you get a tchotchke on the spot, but you'll be entered to win a grand prize (TBA) drawn from all the people who sign-up during my trip.

    It's that simple and that much fun!!!

    I want to meet you. So don't be shy!!!

    Sexy, Sassy, Smart Wishes --- D. D. Scott




    Thursday, June 25, 2009

    Twitter, iTouch, Terrific Web Designers and Therapy

    Okay, All...the day has come for D. D. Scott to up the ante on her technological prowess...and oh yeahhhh, that's an up the ante that's a darn huge hill to climb...this chick is sooooo not techno savvy...but I'm a tryin'!

    This week, I've made some fabulous leaps...screw the baby steps...we're talkin' I'm goin' for the gusto big time!!!

    So here's the scoop:

    ** I'm on Twitter!!! Come Tweet with me at

    ** Sweet Man and I are loving our new iTouch!!! We're working our way up to either iPhones or Blackberry Storms (any thoughts, tips, or suggestions you all have would be much appreciated)

    ** We have the greatest web designers around. Here's a big shout out to Shelley and Peggy of WebCrafters. Check them out at

    ** And check out my website updates and additions at Be looking for a brand new Muse Therapy Page and a fabulous new D. D. Scott Muse Therapy Logo Girl. Not sure what Muse Therapy is? 'Til the new page is up, click on my blog post right before this one for the whole spiel.

    Sexy, Sassy, Smart Wishes and Hope To See You "In Therapy" --- D. D. Scott




    Friday, June 5, 2009

    Muse Therapy Is Officially Launched and Making A Huge Debut!!!

    Happy Friday, All!!!

    I'm thrilled to fill you in on the launch of my Muse Therapy Online Classes and Live Workshops!

    The idea is proving to be a huge hit! I'm booking dates like crazy!!!

    Here's the scoop -

    You can catch one of my Muse Therapy Online Classes or Live Workshops at the following venues:

    Sept 14 thru Sept 28, 2009 - RWA Chick Lit Writers of the World Online Class (

    Oct 12 thru Nov 7, 2009 - OCCRWA Online Class (

    Mar 2010 - GCCRWA Silken Sands Conference Live Workshop Pensacola FL (

    Apr 2010 - RWA Carolina Romance Writers Online Class (

    I've got several other classes lined-up too. I'm just waiting to confirm dates in order to add them to the schedule. Woohoo!

    Currently, I'm driving my DH nuts waiting to hear whether or not I'll be providing Muse Therapy for the 2010 RT BookLovers' Convention in Columbus OH and for RWR in an article-based Muse Therapy series.

    So what is Muse Therapy?

    Muse Therapy - D. D. Scott style - is all about injecting life into tired and/or stressed out muses. I'll give writers fun and fabulous tools to analyze their muses' funks, reign in their creative divas and up their page counts.

    Discover what makes them tick. What ticks them off. And what makes them dance like nobody's watching.

    We'll name your muses and host a very special meet-and-greet just for them, then dig deep into their psyches by examining "muse disorders" such as:

    ** Unleashing Your Inner Sybil

    ** Writing Bi-Polar: I Suck vs. I'm a Genius

    ** What Do You Mean I'm Neurotic? No, I'm Not. Well, Not Exactly. But Okay...There Are Times When. Like You Need to Know That. Anyway, I Was Thinking, My Jeep Is Red

    ** Rorschach For Writers: I See Dead Lines

    ** Stimulants: When Coffee, Chocolate and Martinis Aren't Enough

    Once we recognize, acknowledge and accept our muses' afflictions, we'll find terrific tricks and "trips" to treat our word witches.

    I provide Muse Therapy Online Classes for either two or four weeks and can do a Live Workshop anywhere from an hour to a full day. Just depends on how long you'd like to be in therapy. LOL!!

    I'll provide fabulous hand-outs and super-cool tchotchkes for all participants. Muse Therapy Live also has a fabulous PowerPoint presentation and hilariously productive, interactive exercises!

    More information will be available soon on my website as well as at all sites hosting therapy sessions.

    If you are a member of a writing group and would like to be "in therapy" with your muses, email me here at my website. I'll be glad to see if I can work you into my schedule.

    And make sure you sign-up for my e-newsletter as I'll have a fabulous Muse Therapy contest this month for my subscribers.

    Leave a comment now for this blog post and be entered to win a special Muse Therapy treat!

    Tell me what trips your muses' triggers...or ask me any questions about Muse Therapy D. D. Scott style...

    Sexy, Sassy, Smart Wishes --- D. D. Scott




    Tuesday, June 2, 2009

    It's All About Happily Ever Afters...Well...And The Fabulous Farces That Get You There!!!

    As a wanna-be Romantic Comedy Queen, it's up to me to take my sexy, sassy, smart, career-driven women and hook 'em up with some smarter and sexier-than-hell hero to create a fabulous fairytale of a Happily Ever After.

    How fun is that job?!

    And to take it wayyyyy up a good notch or writing Romantic Comedies, I get the added bonus of coming up with an outrageous farce to bring my hero and heroine together, threaten their sanity by staying together, then going-for-the-gusto of love by keepin' 'em together for that Happily Ever After.

    You know the type of story I mean...that 'When Harry Met Sally', 'Because I Said So', 'Something's Gotta Give' keeper kinda' story that you can watch or read over and over and over and laugh and/or cry a thousand times.

    And as much of a hoot as the characters are on their own merit, there's something just sooooo wrong that it's sooooo right about the way they get together - that magical farce of a first meeting that forever changes their destiny.

    Some of us writers have experienced that same kind of once in a lifetime happily ever after, and writer Janie Mason has created a very special page to honor the end result of those serendipity-like moments. Check out her Happily Ever After Page at

    Do any of you out there have your own farce-ful, slap stick comedy Happily Ever After stories?

    We'd love to hear 'em...c'mon don't be your how-you-got-it Happily Ever Afters right here with us!

    Sexy, Sassy, Smart Wishes --- D. D. Scott

    P.S. I'll be posting soon about one such story. Here's a prequel...check out Speed TV's "Wrecked: Life In The Crash Lane". I just met the Gratziannas, the stars of the show, and wow do they have a heckuva story! Here's the link: