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    Thursday, March 31, 2011

    Memetastic Results and Muse Therapy

    Happy Thursday, D. D. Scott-ville! longer shall I make you wait to see which of my Memetastic Award "5 Things About Me" is actually a for-real Truth...

    For those of you who guessed Number...

    2. I've met and worked with, plus arranged for a doctor to see - because one of them had an awful case of the flu - one of my fave all-time musical duos Air Supply. (P.S. Their costumes were quite smelly after being on tour for awhile...but damn, they can still sing the songs just like I used to sing with 'em on my Mr. Microphone.)

    You are right-on!

    And damn, those costumes were really really, very very smelly. I mean seriously, during their performance, they knelt down beside me and sang to me, and I damn near passed-out. I held my breath for so damn long, it 'bout did me in. People thought I was blown away by the opportunity to be serenaded by my Mr. Microphone Muse Faves...but no, I was blown away by the smell of said Mr. Microphone Faves.


    What else gets my Muses in gear...

    One way to find out, is for you (and your muses too) to come along for my MUSE THERAPY Online Classes which start-up again this Friday, April 1st!

    That's right, this April Fool's Day - tomorrow, as a matter of fact - it ain't gonna be your muses foolin' you any longer. It's time you took back the throne of your Muse Kingdoms and learned how to rein in and reign over your creative divas and dans.

    There's still time to sign-up right here from my website !

    For this April Class, we'll not only go through many of the sessions in my MUSE THERAPY: UNLEASHING YOUR INNER SYBIL bestselling book, we'll also touch on Spring Fever and how you can harness all the creative powers of Mother Nature to get your muses dancin' across your pages like nobody's watching...even if there's a strong stench coming from the 80's era-duo serenading you.

    I'm looking forward to meeting you and your muses too "in therapy"...MUSE THERAPY that is!

    Sexy Sassy Smart Memetastic & Muse Therapy Wishes --- D. D. Scott

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    Tuesday, March 29, 2011

    Having Fabulous Fun With My Fans: The Memetastic Award!

    Happy Tuesday, All, and welcome or welcome back to D. D. Scott-ville!

    Nothin' beats taking time out to have a bit of fantabulous fun with my fans. And last week...I was "awarded" for that...literally...

    Here's the scoop:

    I have been awarded The Memetastic Award by none other than Paige W. Pendleton!!!

    Like so many before me who have walked down the hallowed halls of the golden statue, I too, accept this awesome award. And now, I must follow the rules, which are:

    1. You must proudly display the absolutely disgusting graphic in a post – Check

    2. You must list 5 things about yourself, and 4 of them must be bold-faced lies. Your readers are to guess which one is the truth by posting a comment on your blog. – Check

    3. You must pass on this awesomely, prestigious award to 5 deserving bloggers. – Check

    Sooo...Here are Five Fantabulous Things about myself, one of which is actually true:

    1. I don't believe in cocktails or "therapy"...or using cocktails as "therapy"

    2. I've met and worked with, plus arranged for a doctor to see - because one of them had an awful case of the flu - one of my fave all-time musical duos Air Supply. (P.S. Their costumes were quite smelly after being on tour for awhile...but damn, they can still sing the songs just like I used to sing with 'em on my Mr. Microphone.)

    3. Me, my muses, and Carrie Bradshaw (aka SJ PeePee) are BFFs.

    4. After just taking up shooting, I'm pretty damn close to professional assassin status. (P.S. Thank God I live in a wide-open county. Why?'s cause my shooting skills are so superb at short distances, I'm now honing-in on my long-range kills.)

    5. No angels sang when I was born - like Paige Pendleton claimed when she received her award. Hell no. My birthing buddies from above - who probably had wayyy, wayyy crooked halos - thought, "Happy Hour early tonight, Peeps!". Well...that's what I woulda been thinkin' if I were them. Nothin' like toasting to your screw-ups.

    Now, I must pass-on this award to the following lucky recipients.

    Can I have a drum roll please?

    I’m over the moon about this. I feel like I’m giving ugly graphic for starters.

    But, truth told, I can't wait to see what the following fantabulous people list as their Fab Five Facts, one of which is truthful:

    1. My DH - Our Sheriff's Department Captain and County Jail Commander plus the Fantabulous Author of our County Jail Blog

    2. Barbara Silkstone - Fantabulous Author of THE SECRET DIARY OF ALICE IN WONDERLAND, AGE 42 AND THREE-QUARTERS

    3. Karen Cantwell - Fantabulous Author of TAKE THE MONKEYS AND RUN

    4. L. C. Evans - Fantabulous Author of WE INTERRUPT THIS DATE

    5. Sibel Hodge - Fantabulous Author of THE FASHION POLICE

    I'd love to give this award to more of my blogging friends, but it's not everyone who won't curse you for sending them this kinda crap.

    But anyhoo, see their sites, blogs and books for more entertaining reads.

    Now, My Fantabulous Readers and Fans, can you guess which one of the above "facts" is my D. D. Scott truth?

    Sexy Sassy Smart D. D. Scott-Ville Fantabulous Reader and Fan Wishes --- D. D. Scott

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    Thursday, March 24, 2011

    Finding Fabulous Readers

    Happy Thursday, D. D. Scott-ville!

    Over on my fabulous grog The WG2E, we’ve been talking a ton about readers being the key to an author’s success.

    Keeping readers happy with great books at great prices is my primary goal!

    And nothin' beats finding and getting to know my readers and fans.

    Y'All are a hoot and then some!

    So “How Do You Find Readers”?

    Where are all you fabulous readers and fans hangin’-out?

    Well...I've discovered a ton of you on all the super terrific Kindle Boards...waving to all my fellow Kindle Board-ers!!!

    But where else am I finding wonderful readers and having a heckuva fantabulous time getting to know them?

    On Facebook!!!

    Here are a few of my very fave Facebook Pages and Groups...a few you have to be invited to join, so just email ‘em a request...the rest, just “like” ‘em, then start participating by posting on their walls:

    Amazon Kindle

    The Crime Scene

    Four Stars and Up

    Book Junkies

    Pixel of Ink

    Okay...there's a list of current, find-fabulous-readers what about you?

    Where are all you funtabulous readers hangin'?!

    Sexy Sassy Smart Hangin' With Readers Wishes — D. D. Scott

    P.S. Not only can you get to know other big-time readers on these sites, you can also get all the scoop on all kinds of wonderful, must-read books!!!

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    Tuesday, March 22, 2011

    Behind and Beyond My Books: THUG GUARD and The Brooch

    Happy Tuesday, D. D. Scott-ville!

    Today, I'm takin' ya Behind & Beyond My Books for a sneak peek at a very special element in THUG GUARD, Book One of my new, Cozy Cash Mysteries that will debut this May!

    And the special element is...

    The in this wayyy beyond fabulous little gem:

    So here's the THUG GUARD Sneak Peek Scoop regarding The Brooch...

    My hero Roman Bellesconi buys this beautiful brooch for my heroine Zoey Witherspoon while they're in Vienna, hot on the Cozy Cash Operation trail of one helluva huge Ponzi-Scheme.

    Oh, and btw, Roman pays a ton more than the $4.99 of my version...LOL!!!

    But's this brooch that will forever connect Roman and Zoey...and lit-er-ally be both the symbol of their love plus the keeper of their safety.

    In addition, it will be a cool way to share various ancient Roman and Victorian legends about these kinds of brooches...another funtabulous topic THUG GUARD will explore.

    Notice the Fleur-de-lis design which will also figure into THUG GUARD's many mysteries.

    How fun is this romcom-cozy romp gonna be?!

    Fasten your seatbelts. This is gonna be one wild, wild ride. And well...for much of THUG GUARD, we're in Europe, and y'all may have heard that driving there can be rather wayyy craaaazzzzzyyy!!!

    Sexy Sassy Smart THUG GUARD and The Brooch Wishes --- D. D. Scott

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    Thursday, March 17, 2011

    Writing Realistic Crime Scenes: Do Bodies Float or Sink in a Pool?

    Happy Thursday, D. D. Scott-ville!

    I'm thrilled to launch my new Blog Series regarding Writing Realistic Crime Scenes!!!

    My new Cozy Cash Mysteries Heroine Zoey Witherspoon has a knack for finding dead bodies...

    So, I gotta figure out all the scoop on all-things-Crime Scene-and-Dead Bodies too...and not the Hollywood CSI version mind you...we all know "that's Hollywood"...not exactly realistic, right?...although, it sure as hell seems quite cool on our TV screens.

    Anyhoo...first up for Zoey, well actually second, because she's already found her first dead guy in a Range Rover parked next to her at her local Jiffy Dead Guy Two...

    He's found in the swimming pool of his billion dollar Palm Beach estate.

    So here's Zoey's question:

    Would Dead Guy Two be face-up or down in his swimming pool and would he be floating at the top or skimming the bottom of the pool?

    In my D. D. Scott-ville-world then, I first go to my DH who is a 27-year veteran of our Sheriff's Department (now Captain and Commander of our County Jail)...and who also once served on our Dept. Dive Team.

    My Captain said:

    Your Dead Guy Two will only float once gases like carbon dioxide and methane build-up in his body after he's deceased. That causes the body to then float to the top of the pool. And you'll find the body face down because that's how the design of the body allows it to float...because of the head, arms and legs naturally moving forward only.

    Damn, my DH is smart!!!

    'Course I did further research online too...and here's some more scoop on Dead People Floating or Not Floating in Swimming Pools or Water In General:

    Why The Dead Body Floats on Water

    Dead Man's Float: Why Are Bodies in the Water Always Facedown?

    Why Do Bodies Float?

    Very cool and very interesting stuff for my stiffs, right?!

    Now that I'm writing RomCom-Cozies (Romantic Comedies w/a hoot of a Cozy Mystery Element), I'm waiting on the Authorities to show-up at my door and start asking me questions about why I'm researching this stuff...Just think of all the great info I'll have to share with 'em over a Keurig Kup or two?! LOL!!!

    Sexy Sassy Smart Writing Realistic Crime Scene Wishes --- D. D. Scott

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    Tuesday, March 15, 2011

    The Moonlighting Curse: To Believe or Not To Believe

    Happy Tuesday, D. D. Scott-ville!

    Every romance writer has a choice to make...with each book or series...and with each Hero and Heroine. And that choice is:

    "Will They? Or Won't They?"

    As in...will they become a couple and complete that part of their romance...or won't they resolve that part of their relationship journey...then continue that quest in the next book, if a series, and keep the reader guessing...and in some cases, guessing...and guessing...and guessing.

    So...while I'm writing my new Stephanie Plum-Wanna Be, Cozy Cash Mysteries Heroine - Zoey Witherspoon - "will she" or "won't she" hook up with her Hero Roman Bellesconi?

    I'll tell y'all, right up front, that, as a writer, I tend to lean far, far away from The Moonlighting Curse...

    Not familiar with The Moonlighting Curse?

    Here's the scoop:

    The popular '80s series that starred Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepherd sizzled in the ratings, until the two of them sizzled in the bedroom in the 14th episode of season three. After that, the ratings took a steep nosedive and the show never recovered.

    Denise Warner, The 'Moonlighting' Effect: Is That Why 'Bones' Refuses to Pair Leads Romantically?

    And Bones isn't the only hot TV show where writers and producers battle the "Will They? Won't They?" of The Moonlighting Curse. Take this fabulous article last month in TV Guide regarding one of my all-time fave, quirky crime procedural dramedies Castle

    Castle Exclusive: Inside TV's Hottest Romance

    Castle's Creator and Executive Producer Andrew Marlowe had this to say about the studios' fears of The Moonlighting Curse:

    Everyone talks about the Moonlighting Curse...Will they or won't they? [The resounding answer] They will. I'm absolutely convinced there's quality storytelling to be had after they get together. Anybody who's been in a relationship knows that they have complexities and compromises. There's plenty of stuff to mine.

    And Marlowe certainly knows all about that relationship stuff to mine as he's been married since 1997 to fellow Castle writer Terri Miller.

    Like Castle's Marlowe and Miller, then, my Cozy Cash Mysteries Hero and Heroine are sooo not goin' the Stephanie Plum relationship route of Morelli vs Ranger, Ranger vs Morelli, to infinity and beyond.

    No way!

    My Zoey is gonna have her hands - full for books and books and books - dealing with all Roman's secrets, but dammit if she doesn't fall for the guy, and wayyy beyond just fallin' into his bed...

    I'm an Andrew Marlowe-style writer through and through...who says, like him, "I'm as impatient as the fans when it comes to the relationship."

    In D. D. Scott-ville, The Moonlighting Curse can take a big 'ole hike!

    'Cause yeah, my Rachel Zoe-esque Zoey Witherspoon and her super-hot Hero Roman Bellesconi have their own "Castle"s to explore and conquer...lit-er-a-lly.

    And their love, trust, and rock-solid relationship are the only things keeping 'em happy...oh, and keeping 'em alive too.

    Sexy Sassy Smart Moonlighting Curse be Damned Wishes --- D. D. Scott

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    Thursday, March 10, 2011

    Me and My Kindle Mantra & Alice in Wonderland Too!

    So I was chatting on the Kindle Boards with one of my new fave authors and fave gals in general Barbara Silkstone...

    Yes, "the" Barbara Silkstone of the super fabulous read THE SECRET DIARY OF ALICE IN WONDERLAND AGE 42 AND THREE-QUARTERS, and if you haven't read this, get it right now and prepare to laugh your ass off...

    I was telling Barbara that her Alice story was next in my Kindle Queue!!!

    Then saying:

    I can't wait to read it tonight while comfy in my chair - with a cocktail, Keurig-Kup, or cocoa close by.

    Nothin' beats the 5 K sounds: a fabulous Kindle story, a cocktail, a Keurig Kup or cocoa, and a comfy chair!

    And then I realized that I'd been using the 5 K's a bunch lately...on not just the fabulous Kindle Boards, but on Facebook, Twitter, the Amazon Kindle Facebook Fan Page and terrific Facebook Pages like Book Worms.

    So, I'm officially recognizing the 5 K's as my new Kindle Mantra:

    Nothin' beats being curled-up in your fave comfy chair or couch, with your Kindle in your lap, and either a cocktail, Keurig Kup or cocoa close-by.

    Sexy Sassy Smart and Happy Kindling Wishes --- D. D. Scott

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    Tuesday, March 8, 2011

    E-Book Week Means My Fabulous Fans & Readers Make The Decisions!!!

    To kick-off and celebrate Ebook Week (March 6 - 12), my "E" Readers and Fans have made a big decision for me and my new Cozy Cash Mystery Series...

    That's right...I let my readers decide the European City my THUG GUARD hero and heroine - Roman and Zoey - would visit first!!!

    And here were the fabulous choices:




    Y'all voted on Facebook, Twitter, and the Kindle Boards too...and here's where Zoey and Roman's European-bound plane is landing first for THUG GUARD, Book One in the Cozy Cash Mystery Series:

    It's Hotel Bristol Vienna and Graben Square!!!

    That's where the hotel's airport limo service is taking Roman and Zoey as I type this post...

    Thanks sooo very much for voting!!! Me and my muses are gonna make sure you have a "royal" ball while following the Cozy Cash around Austria!!!

    Sexy Sassy Smart Vienna Wishes --- D. D. Scott

    P.S. THUG GUARD releases on or around May save-up your pennies...yes, literally, just your pennies...I'm releasing this book too at the 99 Cent Ebook Price Point!!! I luuuvvv all my readers sooo very much, and luuuvv being able to entertain you with a fabulously fun book-for-under-a-buck!!!

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    Thursday, March 3, 2011

    A Bootscootin' Kick-Off on Kindle Boards!

    Happy Thursday, All!

    I've had sooo many readers and fans ask me to come chat with 'em on Amazon's fabulous Kindle I'm there, havin' a ball, and inviting y'all to join me!!!

    I've even started a couple Bootscootin' and Muse Therapy Threads:

    The Bootscootin' Books: Romantic Comedies w/a Chick Lit Gone Country Twist

    Muse Therapy: It's All About Reining In and Reigning Over Your Creative Kingdoms

    In addition, check out these fabulous fun threads on my new Cozy "Cash" Mysteries which debut in May with THUG GUARD:

    RomCom-Cozies: A New Genre Mash-Up of Romantic Comedies & Cozy Mysteries

    Cross-Pollination: Getting Sales Mileage Out of Your Characters Across Genres

    So come on over to the Kindle Boards and let's talk Bootscootin' Books and Cozies too...there's no kinda MUSE THERAPY like talkin' books!!!

    Sexy Sassy Smart Kindle Boards Wishes --- D. D. Scott

    P.S. Oh, and check out my WG2E site this Saturday, where I'll give you all the scoop on the best threads I've discovered lately on the Boards.

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    Tuesday, March 1, 2011

    MUSE THERAPY Extra Tip & Tidbit: Defying Gravity

    Happy Tueday to all of you and your muses too!

    If there's one thing I've learned in my ten plus year writing-for-publication journey, it's that, in order to survive and thrive, you've got to harness your inner Elphaba and Defy Gravity!!!

    But here's the've got to Defy Gravity in your own way, whether that's the "normal" publishing industry approved way or not.

    One of my very fave lines in Elphaba's wonderful Wicked world is when she says:

    "well we can't all come and go by bubble!"

    while referring to Galinda/Glinda the Good Witch.

    And how true is that powerful tidbit?!

    Especially when we all know that the traditional publishing bubble has now burst.

    That business model just ain't workin' anymore, right?

    So here's a little MUSE THERAPY secret that will keep you and your muses happy and sane on your writing-for-publication journey to Publishing Oz:

    The journey - and each path you're on during that journey - is yours alone. So skip to your own beat. Conquer the big-ass, apple-throwing trees and deadly poppy fields by educating yourself on all the Wicked Witches' tricks. And your own Wizard.

    The traditional publishing world's Wizard-ly curtains have been yanked back by E-reading Toto's.

    So follow you and your muses' hearts across your pages...that's the only way you'll make it home to the publishing success of your dreams.

    Sexy Sassy Smart Defying Gravity Wishes --- D. D. Scott

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