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    Thursday, October 30, 2008

    Creative Bliss, Google Reader, Hip Tranquil Chicks, and Preston Bailey

    I've discovered a new source of creative bliss...Google Reader. And I'm enthralled by its genius!!!

    I've gone from clicking on pages upon pages of my favorite blogs to letting Google round up the new content for me then plop it in one place for me to absorb as needed...or not needed.

    Anyone who knows me knows I am a wealth of on what appears on the surface to be useless information but turns into little trinkets of fabulous and gems of fun. With Google Reader, I have all my virtual world sources of creative bliss coming to me instead of me having to find them. Less work and more yummy tidbits.

    You bet your sweet yoga-toned behind this works to enlighten me and The Carrie Squad...for example, I found a fun blog and hip tranquil chick to pamper our spirits...check this out at

    Another treasure trove of terrific stuff for my sexy, sassy, smart characters comes from a blog by one of my favorite event planners Preston Bailey. The man takes fabulous events to new heights of his own making. And I'm talking, one-of-a-kind, sensationally exotic ideas...take a sneak peek here:

    And no, I'm not nuts...well...okay...yes, I am...nuts over all the creative bliss and avenues for that creative bliss that I can find. Nothing feeds my muses and my writer's soul like fun information, hip tranquil chick lifestyles, and 'wow' designs and event ideas.

    Pamper yourselves and your creative bliss.

    Sexy, Sassy, Smart Wishes --- D. D. Scott




    Tuesday, October 28, 2008

    Sprinting to 'The End'

    Labeling this post 'My Writing Process' is a bit of an oxymoron.

    The conceptual perception...perhaps a mirage...that I have a writing process is something I swore I wouldn't, couldn't, and shouldn't perpetuate.

    But I swear constantly as a habitually reforming potty mouth. So I decided to just deal with my natural proclivity to do the opposite of what I plan to do (just for the hell...oops...heck of it). Thus, I'm proud to announce that yes, this former pantser is now a fool-hardy plotter.

    I took an online class last month from Karen Docter about The 'W' Plot (The Other White Meat for Plotters) and am hooked on the method. Here's the link to Karen's almighty mind:

    If you haven't taken her class do so...well...if you're a writer and care about that stuff, take the class. If you're not a writer but rather a reader or a member of my family or inner circle, accept my enthusiasm and know I've discovered a groove to my writing process I hope will keep me a tad more sane while I finish my current novel. So great news for all folks involved...right?! LOL!!!

    I'm now driven like a mad, mad, mad sexy, sassy, smart woman to finish this book. And I actually know what's going to happen and in what order...a huge, Huge, HUGE treat for this Romcom Queen Wanna-Be. I'm quite convinced I can type 'The End' for the second time for this book three weeks from now. (Note: The first draft was done the end of July. But I soon learned I needed to add a 100 pages to turn it into single title length.)

    You'll feel the earth move when my muses (The Carrie Squad) and I hit the dance floor to celebrate once we've emailed this puppy to my agent.

    Sexy, Sassy, Smart Wishes --- D. D. Scott




    Monday, October 20, 2008

    A 'Once Upon A Time' in the Making

    Every wonder how a story comes to life then begins to take shape in a romance novelist's head?

    Here's an example of how my muses - The Carrie Squad - and I came up with a story idea this weekend...

    So Sweet Man and I were sitting by a corner window in a fabulous new martini bar and eatery, enjoying our pot roast and California Burger respectively, when we noticed a gorgeous, in a beyond stunning double-take way, middle-aged woman getting out of a sleek black, luxury sedan. The wind tousled the caramel curls escaping her up-twist and teased the fringe lining her exquisitely brocaded pashmina shawl. From her over-sized Jackie O sunglasses to the well-sculpted heels of her fine leather boots, the woman and her runway worthy gauchos held the world captive.

    She waited for a car to pass in front of her. As she waited, a handsome, distinguished man exited the same sedan. The woman never acknowledged his presence, crossed the parking lot before he even reached the crosswalk, and never once, so much as hinted at the crack of a smile. From her rigid, soured expression, I'm not so sure smiling was in her nonverbal communication repertoire. Or if it had been, it certainly wasn't anymore.

    After watching the scene unfold in front of us, The Carrie Squad and I were spellbound, intrigued, and getting busy long before the waitress brought us the huge wall of chocolate cake we ordered for a quick, creative power boost.

    We wanted to know 'why'...why didn't or couldn't the woman smile? 'What'...what or who in her life had robbed her of happiness and joy? 'Who'...who was she? And who was the man she left in her wake? 'Where'...where had they come from? Where were they going next? 'What'...what kind of place does she call home? 'Does' she live there alone or with this man? Does she have children?

    So there you have it...that's how I go out for a wonderful night with Sweet Man and come home having not only had a terrific time with the man of my dreams but also with a new 'Once Upon a Time' in the making and enough leftover chocolate cake for another creative boost.

    Sexy, Sassy, Smart Wishes --- D. D. Scott




    Friday, October 17, 2008

    You Are What Your Deepest Desire Is...

    So here's the terrific, Today's Special Tidbit of the week:

    "You are what your deepest desire is. As your desire is, so is your intention. As your intention is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny." --- Upanishads

    The ancient philosopher and commentator Shankara nailed this concept for me. And I've relied on it time and time again to kick myself in the pants and bounce back into action after yet another rejection letter dares to land in my post office box or inbox.

    I continue writing romantic comedies not because I'm delusional and neurotic enough to enjoy repeated stompings on my dreams, ambitions and goals, but because being a romance novelist and someday screenplay writer is my deepest desire. It's my intention. My will. My deed. My destiny.

    All the more reason to get off my butt, have a couple dark chocolate squares, a martini or gin and diet tonic or Crown and diet, and get my whining, expanding thighs in my chair and attacking the keyboard once more.

    I've got to keep doing the deed (aka cranking out the pages) to make my destiny my reality.

    I soooo wish I could have cocktails with Shankara.

    Sexy, Sassy, Smart Wishes --- D. D. Scott




    Thursday, October 16, 2008

    So You Say You're a Romance Writer...

    One of my favorite amusements in life is telling people that I'm a romance writer. If you've been there, done that, you know what I mean. Now that's some fun stuff!!!

    At first you get this 'no-kidding' twinkle in their eyes as if their cognitive wheels are already fast-forwarding or rewinding r-rated scenes of the type they imagine all your books are based on.

    Now some writers get a bit peeved by this, but not me. I think it's terrifically naughty and a sexy, sassy, smart place to get them hooked to at least hear my quick pitch about my stories. Let's face today's multi-media, blurb intensive world, the fact that we, as romance writers, have an immediate hot button hook is fabulous!!! Oh, we got their bet your sweet we just have to hold it and massage it for a bit.

    Another funny observation is what happens next if your Sweet Man is next to you when you're filling someone in on your career path. They look at him next...their faces saying, without so much as a peep from their mouth, 'lucky guy'. LOL!!! This is usually followed by some reference to how much fun and interesting the research for my books must be...and again, I'm loving it, because they're still hooked and want to hear more.

    Yes. I take my work very seriously. I work my mind to its maximum overload capacity to crank out great stories. Yes. I have a passion to create wonderful characters that take you with them long after their last page in my book. Yes. I learn all the craft and story-telling techniques I can to ensure my readers' journeys are fantastic in every book. Yes. I'm proud of what I do and love every minute of the process. And yes. I'm thrilled that people find a tad of mischievous humor and intrigue in what I do. It's terrific to me and warms my heart and everything I am knowing that I can provide a sexy, sassy, smart escape through my books.

    Sexy, Sassy, Smart Wishes --- D. D. Scott

    P.S. I'm curious to get Sweet Man's take on this...




    Friday, October 10, 2008

    Brainstorming with The Carrie Squad

    Inquiring minds always want to know where I get my story ideas. So I asked my muses The Carrie Squad and here's what they told me:

    (a) D. D. is terrific at scoping out some fabulous location like Nashville TN and other artsy, creative and hip spots that really get us in the mood to ask those all important "What If's".

    For example, 'What If' some holiday decorator of the stars (who has no idea who the handsome hunk is she's decorating for) meets him when he accidentally runs over the paper mache ghosts she's been tediously putting together for hours for the Halloween party he's throwing for his new meaning to our 'Boo'tscootin' series...LOL!!!...Note: This story, to be the fourth and last book in the Bootscootin' Series, came from a trip D. D. took on a Home of the Stars tour bus

    (b) D. D. is an extremely visual person and approaches her art that way, and we love what she shows us!!! She devours issues of Life & Style and many other fashion and celebrity lifestyle rags. She scours boutiques for quirky pieces of art and or clothing that for some reason just talk to the voices we fill her head with aren't enough...anyway, those pictures and objects give us something to center our visions around...and she often collages the images so we have a go-to point of reference

    (c) And speaking of points of reference, she is a research nutcase. Once she finds that special location or object, she pours over material about that subject, finding just that off-the-path piece we need to turn that idea into something sexy, sassy and smart

    (d) D. D. loves what she does. It's her passion. And even when she tries to quiet us down and give us a much-needed vacation, we pretend we're listening but keep whispering ideas to her as we spin them from the many visions dancing in her head

    Sexy, Sassy, Smart Wishes --- D. D. Scott




    Thursday, October 9, 2008

    Touchy-feely? Not me!

    You may have noticed that DD is a little more eloquent than I in her writing. Live with it. I have to.

    Those who know me will tell you I am not much of a "touchy-feely" guy. I have been called manly, professional, stoic, "a man's man, etc. Many other adjectives, a lot of the 4-letter kind, have been used when describing me over 25 years in law enforcement. Mainly by my clients, but, I am sure my colleagues have expressed their opinions on my behalf.

    That being said, DD has introduced me to meditation and yoga. I enjoy both.

    The meditation helps me relax. I can put things in perspective and figure out problems during those quiet moments. It is not the type one may think about. We don't sit on the floor with legs crossed, burning incense and humming mantras. There is a website we use that plays soft music while we just sit quietly in chairs. It lasts about 10 - 15 minutes. That's it. Just sitting there.

    Yoga basically stretches the muscles in your body. My back and neck have always been tight. They are starting to loosen up. I feel much better. Yoga is just a fancy way of doing the simple stretches all athletes perform. I always feel energized and more alert when finished with a session.

    Nothing weird. Just concentration and stretching. Not touchy-feely. I guess my manly-man reputation is still intact.





    Wednesday, October 8, 2008

    Pygmalion and A Writer's Voice

    Another Hump Day. Another fabulous quote by which to live one helluva sexy, sassy, smart life:

    "People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can't find them, make them." --- G. B. Shaw, 1893

    Gotta dig George Bernard Shaw and his beloved Pygmalion. Just as Eliza Doolittle taught Professor Higgins and Colonel Pickering that you can't turn a woman into something she's not by controlling her and suffocating her voice, heart, spirit and soul, G. B. taught us to go for the gusto. Create our own destiny. Be a gutsy girl.

    But in so doing, Shaw cautioned us to use our own, unique voice and style to manifest that destiny. Once a Cockney flower girl...always at heart a Cockney flower girl.

    Nothing seems more relevant to this life lesson than my journey to find and use my writing voice, maintaining my sexy, sassy, smart tone despite my critics and despite what the market may or may not be favoring at the moment.

    This could be my key to success and sales.

    I completely believe - and would bet on a double gin and tonic on the rocks with lime - that my voice will get me in print.

    Now if I'd go by my contest slut scores, which range from perfect to how-could-you-possibly-think-or-call-yourself-a-writer, I could be a bit discouraged. But oh no. Not this chick. I'd rather have that polarizing voice - love it or hate it - than that voice in the middle that no one feels strong enough to emote about at all, taking it or leaving it but not seeking it out and waiting in long lines for the day it's released in yet another novel-length attempt at humor.

    I found a must-have craft book by writing instructor Les Edgerton called "Finding Your Voice: How To Put Personality in Your Writing" (check it out at if you ever get the chance to take one of Les' classes, don't pass up the opportunity. He's the voice that helped me find my voice and gave me the courage to stay true to my sexy, sassy smart mouth.

    So if you can't find the circumstances or opportunities you're looking for as a writer, don't be afraid to make them yourself, using your own voice.

    And when someone asked you (as if you were Eliza Doolittle) if you're going to walk across the park (and perhaps figuratively fall in line with some other more socially acceptable writing voice), try responding just like Eliza did:

    "Walk! Not bloody likely..."

    Then run (or type) as fast as you can to your own voice and rhythm.

    Sexy, Sassy, Smart Wishes --- D. D. Scott




    Tuesday, October 7, 2008

    And The Band Played On

    It's 8:30 in the evening on a cold, crisp Autumn night and our high school band is still practicing. I can hear them through my office windows. They've been at it now for almost two hours. It's a school night, and Sweet Man and I have been wondering and worrying about the late hour and how much homework is waiting on these kids at their dining room tables. And what about time to rest, relax and enjoy family?

    I do think, like Sweet Man, that many of these kids may not have the passion to drive them to pursue their musical talents...perhaps it is their parents' passions putting them into overdrive. Whether it be music, athletics, theatre, dance, fine arts, or academics, my hope is that these kids are marching to their own dreams and not someone elses.

    For me, writing has always been the driving force that keeps my internal band playing each and every day and sometimes late into the night. My muses, whom I call The Carrie Squad with a mixture of love, admiration and attitude, just keep dancing to their own beat. They've got enough passion for several lifetimes, and I'm having a ton of fun indulging them.

    The Carrie Squad came to be called such on account of my respect and awe for Candace Bushnell and her Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City fame. Carrie lived her life - all its blissful aha moments along with its hell in a designer handbag disasters - through her words. She somehow captured on her laptop and eventually in print what her heart, mind, body and soul were loving without holding back or fighting against like mad couture canaries. And its her passion, the way she not only puts her best foot and shoe forward but also goes for all or nothing like the ultimate, most glamorous of gutsy girls, that resonates with me as a wanne-be Wonder Woman and writer.

    So if those kids are out there on that dew soaked football field, playing their hearts out because their own Carrie Squads are cheering them on, I'm marching with them. But if they're not, and simply tooting those horns for others' happiness, may those others get a clue.

    Sexy, Sassy, Smart Wishes --- D. D. Scott




    Youth sports or adult "living vicariously through the kids" frenzy

    Let me get this off of my chest. The Cubs are out of it. The Pack lost. Peyton pulled another one out of his hat. One for three would be a decent batting average, but I'm still ticked. OK, 'nuff said.

    I would be P.O.ed if I was a parent with a child in athletics or some other type of activity. Is it me, or has the stuff gone over the top? It is 8:30 PM on a school night. I can hear the high school marching band still practicing. When are the kids supposed to eat supper and do homework? It seems that the adult leaders of these activities are living their fantasies through the kids. There is such a push for excellence in sports, etc. that the recreational aspect, or fun, has been taken away from the kids. Overzealous adults expect too much of the young individuals, searching for their own satisfaction. Let the kids have fun. It seems that the youth do not participate in the activity, they are expected to BECOME the activity. Nothing scalds me more than to see some donkey-butt parent acting (actually I don't think it's an "act") like a fool at the events. Living vicariously through their kid is the M.O.

    I understand that there is a lot at stake on the high school level regarding college scholarships for those who are good enough. Unfortunately, the kids need to start being very competitive at very young ages so they are ready for the high school "sport-a-thons". I acknowledge that this is a tough issue. Parents that either can't, or don't want to save for the education of their children, try to push the kids to break their necks and give up their childhood in an attempt to get a free ride to college. I wonder what the stats are on how many actually get college scholarships out of the literally ten's of thousands of high schoolers that participate in sports or other activities every year.

    Obviously, I have no answers. I just think that sports and other activities have become too competitive at to young of an age.





    Friday, October 3, 2008

    Chasing Dreams

    Yes, I know, it's after Hump Day and almost TGIF. I'm a bit behind the blog posting curve, but here's the quote I'm boosting my confidence with this week:

    "There's no telling how many miles you will have to run while chasing a dream." --- Author Unknown

    Let's just hope for comfortable shoes...preferably cowboy boots...truly, the most comfortable soles around. And if you've chased a dream for as many miles as I have, those soles are what keep your soul charging on against your worn out mind and battle-weary heart.

    For me, it's not just the boots but the locations in which they're covering ground that keep me in the hunt. Nashville, TN --- aka Music City --- is my Muse City. Setting my first series there was a no-contest joint venture, left-brain right-brain partnership. Could be because boots are acceptable 24-7 but so are sexy, sassy stilettos. Could be because the characters currently in charge of my muses can bootscoot and 'holler and swaller' with the best of 'em. Could be because there's this creative buzz blowing in off the Cumberland River that blankets the city (and the hills to its south) with bustling surges of possibility.

    From the fabulous boutiques and top-notch pancakes in Hillsboro Village. To the legendary saloons along Broadway and 2nd Avenue that have been the debut stages of many of country music's greatest artists. From fried okra and fried pickles to the many other culinary ecstasies of the city's Meat N' Three diners. Nashville has it all, served up with southern sweet tea, big 'ole biscuits or cornbread and tons of sexy, sassy, smart charm.

    I've chased my dream of making it as a published novelist for years. I've been figuratively kicked by the sting of rejections (many, many, many times) and been stomped on by people in my life who I'd thought would always stand beside me (sometimes life bites that way). But I'm still moving. And better yet, I'm picking up my pace, one baby step after another, taking my larger-than-I'd-like butt straight to the finish line.

    I don't care how far I've got to go...and if I eat one less chocolate chip pancake and refuse to become one of Jack's Barb-B-Que's flying pigs, alls good-to-go. I'm not giving up the chase.

    Sexy, Sassy, Smart Wishes --- D. D. Scott




    Nashville, Tennessee

    Nashville was great! I would encourage anyone to visit the city. DD and I saw some sights, had great food and finished the trip with a river boat ride that included dinner and a show straight from LasVegas. Fortunately, DD knows what she likes and does not spend a lot of time walking from store to store to store to look at stuff. I did something I don't normally do. I spent a lot of time in the downtown bars at night. You don't go there to drink. You go to listen to the music. There are some fantastic bands that play the bars. They are hoping to be "discovered". It's like listening to a free concert. Every now and then an urn is passed. You throw in five bucks or whatever as a donation. That's cheap to listen to good music. And it was good. We walked into one bar and there stood Ronnie Dunn of the group Brooks and Dunn. I walked right past him (I didn't know who he was). He sang a couple of songs before leaving. It was kinda neat.

    The best part about the trip? I didn't have to bootscoot! Yes!!

    See ya.