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    Wednesday, September 24, 2008

    Hump Day Quotes Kick-Off

    I'd mentioned in my inaugural blog that I'm a big-time quote queen. I'm always on the look out for terrific tidbits to get me through life. I gravitate toward sexy, sassy quips, but also am a sucker for the ultra smart words of people like Mark Twain and Deepak Chopra.

    I thought it might be fun to celebrate all these aha-said-it-so-well moments on Hump Days. So each Wednesday, I'll give you one of my favorite quotes to live, laugh and love by.

    Here's today's pearl...although I'm more of a diamond chick...well, actually a QVC Diamonique I'll call these little wisdom-packed gems, Today's Special Tidbits...anyway, here it goes:

    "If you were waiting for the opportune moment...that was it." --- Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean

    Captain Jack...I know...not exactly on the same level as Mark Twain and Deepak Chopra...but a great tidbit nonetheless...and c'mon, who doesn't listen up when the words are coming from Johnny Depp's mouth?

    Since Captain Jack's quote touts how over-rated patience can be, I'm immediately intrigued. Nothing...and I mean nothing...did I mention me greater fits than waiting on something or someone. When I've made up my mind, that's it. I'm on it and charging full throttle toward my goal.

    Probably why my spiritual journey, in its many you-want-me-to-do-what, I-don't-think-so, are-you-freakin'-nuts experiences, has led me to a publishing career. LOL!!! How could it be good for my psyche...or those around me (interesting to get Sweet Man's take on this) be pursuing a career based on Hurry and Wait then Wait Some More?!!!

    I'm telling you when it comes to Having the Patience of Job, Job is bellied up to some martini bar in my honor...convinced I'm the ruin of his reign.

    If I were you, Job, I'd try the chocolate martini's...

    Sexy, Sassy, Smart Wishes --- D. D. Scott

    P.S. And please send your favorite quotes my way...Job and I are counting on you...




    Monday, September 22, 2008

    Bring on the Flowers...and Witches!!!

    Was it Barbara Streisand and Neil Diamond who sang one of my Mr. Microphone favorites..."You Don't Bring Me Flowers"? Well...the song was great...and Streisand and Diamond are still two of my favorites...but Sweet Man proved the lyrics of that classic tearjerker melody waaaayyy wrong today.

    Talk about a crappier than crap Monday...mine started at 4:30 a.m. when I received a less than heart-warming blog post from some meddling, misinformed Glenda the Good Witch Gone Bad. And following that broom ride, the day was just a typical bad butt Monday up until 3:00 pm when Sweet Man picked me up at work.

    'Course he looked all muscular spectacular in the black, "The Rock" T-shirt I brought him from Alcatraz during my July San Francisco trip for the Romance Writers of America national conference. Between that shirt and the one I found for him proclaiming he's my research assistant, he's looking good. LOL!!

    Okay...sorry for the digression...back to him picking me up from work...anyway...when he pulled up, he had this sweet, sexy grin to match his bulging biceps and handed me a gorgeous bouquet of huge Gerber Daisies. His voice kind of caught in his throat...and he dropped his hot-as-all-hell, couple-days-away-from-the-razor, stubbled chin and said, "There's my Sweetie. I thought you could use these today."

    Planting the softest kisses of kisses on my lips, he told me how much he loved me and reminded me that at the end of the day, "all that matters is you and me".

    I still can't get used to living and loving my real life hero. But Sweet Man makes the adventure as rich and wonderful as a big 'ole bowl of tiramisu for two.

    And as tasty as the tiramisu and just as delightful, I learned how to moderate blog posts so Glenda the Post Witch would know just what to do with her broom. LOL!!!

    If you can't laugh at peoples' misinformed, asinine cruelty what good are they?

    Sexy, Sassy, Smart Wishes --- D. D. Scott




    Friday, September 19, 2008

    Looking Through Love-Colored Glasses

    Since Sweet Man became the guardian of my heart and soul, my life hasn't and will never be the same.

    The everyday became magical carpet rides. The good in life became better still. And the not-so-good became tolerable, not-so-bads...shared burdens, stumbling blocks to walk through, around or over together to secure our future and happiness.

    It feels so different, but different in an amazing and wonderful way, traveling life's journey with your soul mate watching your back. Laughing with you about your missteps. Loving you for successes and failures. Leaning on you for the same support you never hesitate to give him in return. Sweet Man's unconditional love has forever colored the glasses with which I see the world. And trust me, I can't see crap without those puppies!!!

    I've always embraced my life with gusto. Gone for all or nothing. Grabbed my fears by the neck and squeezed the life out of 'em. But even though I'm using those same MOs now that I used pre-Sweet Man - because that's who I am - the results are amplified beyond amplified because I'm living, loving and chasing dreams for not one heart but for two.

    And here's why I know the love I have with and for him is soooo damn right...

    I'm not losing myself, my dreams, my goals, and/or my happiness for his. There's no trading in my heart and soul for a new model built on his joys, likes and dislikes. I can be who I am - every quirky, that just ain't right piece of me - and he still loves me and is there for me, complete with his own quirks and imperfections.

    He's taught me I do need someone. But that it's still okay to dance to my own crazy beats and beatitudes. That at the end of the day, nothing else matters. It's just you and me, he says.

    Damn. He's one smart man.

    Or am I smarter for listening to him?

    Sexy, Sassy, Smart Wishes --- D. D. Scott




    Thursday, September 18, 2008

    Stilettos (Still - hell - toes)

    DD and I had the pleasure of attending a conference over the weekend. As part of our experience, we decided to shop Target and Sam's Club. Now, before I go on, just a comment or two about DD's rendition of the circumstances at Target. As you know, I am a police officer and have been one for 23 years. I, like most officers, have developed an inherent instinct of knowing my surroundings. The best way to be secure is by knowing what is going on around one's self. It is habit that I observe people. I want to know what they are doing in my safe zone. It is NOT my fault that, in DD's words, there happen to be "high voltage chicks" in the area of interest. I know many a man that has been burned by such a creature. I feel the need to protect DD and myself. Survival. It's that simple. 'Nuff said.

    Oh, and one more thing. Women go to a lot of trouble to fix themselves up really nice. They style their hair, put on make up and wear really nice clothing. What would be the purpose of these efforts if nobody looks. So, duh, I'm just doing them a favor...

    Back to my point. In a topically related incident, DD felt the need to wear high-heeled shoes in Target and Sam's (The woman's "Look at me" syndrome). Mere coincidence was that her feet still hurt on Monday night. So, being the guy I am, while Monday Night Football is on, I am rubbing her feet, and missing the game. She had some smelly lotion junk that is designed for foot rubbin'. I worked on those things for about a half hour. She commented how good her feet felt when I was done. I thought, "Job well done". She'll be good-to-go for a while. So, we're leaving the next morning for our day jobs. Now keep in mind that DD is an office manager-HR rep-payroll guru-do-all gopher person in a factory. She walks around a lot. What do I see on her feet? High heels. Naturally, I made a reasonable inquiry into the the virtue of wearing such shoes to a job like her's. The answer, "If my feet hurt, you'll rub them". OK. Valid point. I'll take care of her when she can't, and sometimes despite herself.

    So, I'll keep running my car into a tree because it can be fixed...




    Tuesday, September 16, 2008

    Target and Testosterone

    Target and testosterone went head-to-head on Saturday during Sweet Man and I's monthly voyage to the supreme sovereign of superstores.

    Now I must admit, it is one of my favorite trips to take with the love of my life. And talk about art imitating life...I get lots of novel ideas from these adventures... Give a man a bright red shopping cart with a bull's eye on the side and prepare to be amazed...and confused...

    I've come to the conclusion that it's not that men can't's just that they do so with different body parts than women do and on a different level than we do, often requiring our help to arrive at the best decision. (And wow, I can't wait to get Sweet Man's thoughts on this. LOL!)

    Keep in mind, men often need our help because while they're attempting to negotiate the light bulb aisle, some hot, high voltage chick interrupts their thought process, forcing their body fluids to the wrong head. Following a brief, tit-for-tat reminder that we're looking for light bulbs and not headlights, we're on our way to the Halloween section.

    Oh yeah, by this time, Sweet Man's thinking nothing but women and witches. He's convinced the end cap display of artfully carved decorations showing a witch's ass after she's crashed her broom into a sign is quite apropos in its declaration that 'The Witch Is In' or 'The Witch Is Out"...but what a waste of paint, he says. Like they needed the 'out' message...

    After a trip to the liquor aisle to restock his gin and tonic supply, we head for the tampons, chocolate and coffee. Probably a good thing we picked up his gin first. Although, by this time, he's happy to indulge me with chocolates and Starbucks because anything beats the feminine products' shelves. Plus, the chocolate and coffee aisles are closer to the check-out and could mean we're almost done.'s the scoop...although I had fun writing that, I'll let you in on a little secret...Sweet Man lives up to his name on Target trips. Honestly, we do have a tremendous time at Target. He's the kindest, sweetest, most patient man I've ever met and taken on a Target run.

    He gives me the extra five minutes I need to decide between the Russell Stover dark chocolates and the Ghirardelli. He doesn't care if I get the Target brand (which I love and do on most things) or the name brand (which he prefers but is starting to forgo to try my beloved Target version). He doesn't mind if I buy a couple of Christmas September. And he gives me no grief for buying things not on the list. Now that's one Sweet Man. And I'm one lucky, lucky girl.

    Sexy, Sassy, Smart Wishes --- D. D. Scott




    Friday, September 12, 2008

    Love and Lattes

    I swear there's a magnetic field between me and coffee beans. Add a coffee shop, and the force is overwhelming! Immediately upon entering a latte's lair, I'm at home...even if it's my first visit to that particular coffee cavern.

    Could be the rich aromas of the daily brews. Could be the conversations trickling in from the tables and lounge areas around me. Or it could be the funky coffee-house style jazz filtering through the surround sound. But whatever the source, the ambiance stirs my muse into sexy, sassy, smart mode.

    I'm telling you, with a grande red-eye (no room for cream) and a comfy couch or hidden away corner table, my fingers dance across my keyboard and or fill page-after-page of my notepad. The ideas flow through me like espresso shots, jolting me into a creative paradise. I lose myself in my story, live for those few hours vicariously through my characters...which is so much better than wearing stilettos in real life as D. D. Scott. The damn things kill my gargantuan bunions. And who has time for a bunionectomy?! Even the word 'bunions' sounds a bit much.

    Okay...back to coffee cafes. Besides waking my muses from their beauty sleep, the coffee shop went Cupid on me. That's right. While working with my muses over a cup of hot java, I got hit by one of the love god's amore-packed arrows...probably more like a pistol, though...since I fell for the county jail commander. Gotta love handcuffs...LOL!

    So Sweet Man started out as one of my department-assigned sources when I was a newspaper crime reporter. I knew - in the way you just do - the first day he came into my reporting room and introduced himself that there was something drawing me to get to know him...and that I'd like what I found. And wow did I! Three years later, after "coffee and great conversation" (that's what we called our Wednesday afternoon Signal 8s at our favorite local coffeehouse), we've made a home and life together...surrounded by love and lattes.

    Sexy, Sassy, Smart Wishes --- D. D. Scott




    Thursday, September 11, 2008


    DD and I had the opportunity to watch a line dance class last weekend while visiting one of those tourist towns. It seems simple as there are only 8 steps that have to be made over and over again. Impressive was the way the obviously experienced just seem to glide together, all in rhythm. There was one guy that had very little, if any, experience. He looked a little lost at first. However, after a couple of songs, he was moving with the best of them.

    Nice story, huh? Well here's the catch. DD wants ME to take line dance lessons. My body movements are better suited for like, say, the Robot. I don't glide. My hips don't swivel. We're going on a trip to Nashville in a couple of weeks. She wants me to learn at the Wildhorse Saloon. I'm like, "No way! Not in front of everyone else". I am being assured that there are so many people on the floor, nobody cares how anyone else looks. Ugh!

    I guess I'll try it (Like I have ANY choice). A couple (half dozen?) of gin and tonics will be in order, first.

    What a guy won't do for love...




    Wednesday, September 10, 2008

    Date Night and Butt Rub

    Wednesday is my favorite night of the work week. That's Sweet Man and I's Date Night. Talk about feelin' the love...not that we don't every night, but Wednesday night we celebrate big time!

    Whether we wine and dine the night away, beer and sports bar grill it, or share a great casserole and Vitamin Water at home, we take the evening for only "us". Cocktails, conversation and cuddling reign supreme.

    And yes...even Sexy, Sassy, Smart Women like to cuddle. This one happens to a bunch!

    We cuss and discuss life on Date Night. There's nothing better than bantering with Sweet Man. He's hilarious to get all worked up...usually over some life-altering topic like whether we should use a dish sponge or cloth and/or why the anti-bacterial hand soap should be kept on the right side of the sink instead of the left. Important stuff in The Scott family.

    Once the finer points like these have been hashed out, we move onto even more vital issues like to Butt Rub or not to Butt Rub. And no, I'm not referring to 'butt' as in 'gluteus maximus', although that works on Date Night too. I'm talking about Bad Byron's Butt Rub the barbecue seasoning, something fabulous we've discovered for everything from pork chops to steaks to poultry. The company's logo is "A Little Butt Rub Makes Everything Better". And does it ever!!! If you want something sexy, sassy and smart sizzling in your kitchen or on your grill, check out their website at

    And speaking of sizzling, Date Nights are all about Sweet Man and I keeping the temperature of our love rising with these Hump Day Dinners for Two. We can be at one of our favorite restaurants only a few miles from home or at home snuggled up on the chaise lounge watching "Sex and the City" or "Ugly Betty" (okay...occasionally Sweet Man gets his way and it's a reel of last weeks NFL highlights on the NFL Channel).

    Doesn't matter what it is or where we long as we're together.

    Butt Rub, anyone?

    Sexy, Sassy, Smart Wishes --- D. D. Scott




    Tuesday, September 9, 2008

    Skidding in Sideways (male version)

    So, I read DD's blog. And read, and read, and read...

    The following is a condensed, but equally informative version:

    Watch football and drink a little beer. We won't be aware when we die, anyway (Well, except the weather will either be nice, or kinda hot).

    I'm reading this book. The title is "Girls Do" or something like that.

    I gotta write more pages for my book.

    Read the blog posts. They're supposed to change every day.





    Monday, September 8, 2008

    Skidding in Sideways

    Okay...I have this flip chart on my desk with fabulous quotes and hilarious images (well, I think they're hilarious). I'll be sharing many of them with you, hoping they're the perfect pick-me-ups for you like they are for me. The one I've had up for this week is:

    "Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "...holy shit...what a ride!"" ---- Mavis Leyrer of Seattle, age 83

    I have no idea who Mavis is but have a feeling she'd be a hoot to have lunch and cocktails with!

    And skidding in sideways is exactly my preferred M.O. Sweet Man says that I'm always just a bit 'off', a tad quirky. And damn am I proud of that!

    And evidently, I'm not alone in touting and advocating my 'off-ness'. I stumbled across this fantastically quirky book and am devouring every page. It's truly a must-read and a do-try-this-at-home thing. Not often we can say that...right? LOL! Check out Kate White's "Why Good Girls Don't Get Ahead But Gutsy Girls Do".

    She's all for trying something brash (or sexy, sassy, smart in D. D. Scott speak) when you need to get attention. Push the envelope, she says. Try the wackiest solution possible. Look at the problem while standing on your head...which my college roommate did while she studied. I tried it but ended up with a headache and dizzier than hell. Oh well. At least I was a gutsy girl for trying a wacky solution. And it was fun to see peoples' reactions when they'd pass by our door and see us on our heads reading books. I'm thinking Mavis from Seattle would approve!

    And speaking of Mavis' "holy shit...what a ride!"...that's me these days...on one heck of a ride adding about 100 plus pages to my current work in progress (WIP) manuscript. My agent decided we were going from category length to single title length. That's going from about 55,000 words to between 85,000 and 100,000 words. Hello, Gutsy Girl! Are you in there somewhere?! Help!

    Actually, it's not too Tomorrow, I may think differently. LOL! Poor Sweet Man. He keeps thinking I'm talking to him and says "what did you say"? But I'm not. I'm talking to myself and my characters, working out various scene possibilities. Sweet Man just shakes his head and leaves me to my wackiness.

    Time to get back to my WIP. I'll be totally worn out when I'm done but still skidding in sideways and getting a great kick out of the ride!

    Sexy, Sassy, Smart Wishes to You --- D. D. Scott

    P.S. I plan to post on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. You'll hear from Sweet Man on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I can't wait to see what he's thinking...