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    Thursday, September 30, 2010

    MUSE THERAPY (the book) Launch-Month Mayhem Kicks-Off Tomorrow!!!

    Starting tomorrow. Right here in D. D. Scott-ville. Your muses never ever have to be alone again!!! And here's why...

    To celebrate the Launch Month of my MUSE THERAPY: UNLEASHING YOUR INNER SYBIL (the book version of my Muse Therapy Online Classes and Live Workshops), I've got a ton of fun and fabulous Muse Mayhem to share with y'all!!!

    So here's the scoop on how we're gettin' the Muse Party started...

    Now then...MUSE THERAPY's official release day is Friday, October I'm breaking down the month into two, super funky sets.

    First, from Friday, October 1st thru Thursday, October 14th, we're goin' "Behind and Beyond My Books" with daily posts on all-things-MUSE THERAPY-the-book-related. You'll get super secret inside-the-pages news and how-the-book-came-to-be anecdotes.

    And of course we'll start that adventure tomorrow with the second edition of my TGIF "Bitchy Signs, Shout-Outs, Quotes and Anecdotes"! So no worries if your muses are a bit cranky and stressed-to-the-max. I've got the perfect "therapy" for that issue!!!

    Here's a sneak peek to tide you over 'til tomorrow:

    And OMG! am I wayyy over and beyond the moon about the Muse Mayhem happening here from October 15th (MUSE THERAPY Launch Day) thru the end of the month!!! I'm calling it my "Meet the Muses" series. And y'all are in for huge, huge "Tricks and Treats" in Muse Therapy-style how-to rein in and reign over your muses "tricks" plus how-to pamper your muses silly "treats".

    How?'ll be Meeting-and-Greeting many of the fabulous muses I've had the pleasure to get to know and work with throughout all my Muse Therapy adventures. That's right. I'm hosting a ton of Guest Muses - right here in D. D. Scott-ville!

    We'll kick-off on the 15th with an introduction of my muses The Carrie Squad (named after my love of all-things-Carrie-Bradshaw),

    followed by a hoot of a good time on October 16th with one of my favorite high-class hillbilly writers and BFFs Tonya Kappes ( of the Goddess-central grog The Naked Hero ( You'll meet her muse Lucky Lucy. And oh boy does Lucy have major muse issues!!!

    Once you've gotten to know The Carrie Squad and Lucky Lucy, you'll have the privilege of meeting a slew of other quirky muse queens and their creative posses.

    And just like one of those corny infomercials..."But That's Not All"...

    There's also a ton more Muse Therapy Mayhem goin' on at the blogs I guest on like Savvy Authors (, the RWA Chick Lit Chapter Blog (, plus another one TBA next week!!!

    So sit on down in your favorite comfy couch or chair and put-up your feet. This month, in D. D. Scott-ville, it's all about you and your muses too and taking back the thrones of your Creative Kingdoms!!!

    MUSE THERAPY: UNLEASHING YOUR INNER SYBIL is what every writer needs on their writing-for-publication journeys along their own personal Yellow Brick Roads to Publishing Oz.

    And it's not just for writers either! Readers the world over will get a kick out of what makes their favorite writers and authors able to crank out pages. They want to know - like they've asked us time and time again - what inspires us to put our characters onto our pages.

    So let's show 'em our Ruby Red Slippers and teach 'em how we conquer the Wicked Witches, Flying Monkeys and Apple-Hurling Trees on our journeys to Muse Oz.

    See y'all tomorrow for MUSE THERAPY Launch-Month Mayhem's Bitchy Signs, Shout-Outs, Quotes and Anecdotes!!!

    'Til then keep your muses happy and pamper 'em silly!!!

    Sexy Sassy Smart MUSE THERAPY Wishes --- D. D. Scott



    Tuesday, September 28, 2010

    E-Book Country: No E-Reader Yet? No Worries! Use the Free Apps!!!

    Hello to all of you in D. D. Scott-ville!!!

    By now, y'all know I'm on an E-Book Country Crusade to cuss and discuss all-things-EBook-World-Related. Today in E-Book Country, I want to answer the concern I've seen most regarding E-Reading and that is...

    "I can't buy your book because I don't yet have an E-Reader."

    No E-Reader Yet? No Worries! You can buy and read my books plus all other authors' E-Books too!!! Just Use The Free Apps!!!

    And I'm going to tell you how!

    What are The Free Apps?

    Well...each E-Reader out there - whether my personal favorite The Kindle, or the other fabulous choices like the Barnes & Noble nook, Sony's E-Reader, Kobo and iPad - all have Free Apps on their websites you can download to then begin buying and reading their E-Books on your PC, Laptops and/or Smart Phones (like iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones).

    How cool is that?!

    And no worries either about those books you purchase now being able to be downloaded onto your new know, the E-Reader you've asked Santa to bring you for Christmas...

    And damn if I wouldn't luuuvvv a ride on that fabulous sleigh...but anyhoo...I digress...

    So here's the scoop on how to get your Free Apps and start reading the way of our E-Book Country Future. Simply go to the website of your E-Reader of choice and choose the Free PC, Laptop or Smart Phone App you need. Here are the links:
    Kindle Free Apps
    nook Free Apps
    Sony E-Reader Free Apps
    Kobo Free Apps
    iPad Free Apps

    And something else I luv about these Free Apps is that you will always have the books you've purchased at your fingertips to read for the first time and/or revisit anytime you choose. How? Because each E-Reader has its own virtual library of sorts that lets you virtually shelve your books then pick 'em up with a few clicks whenever and wherever you want to read 'em!

    Also, talk about a light-weight, no heavy hitting treat!!! Check this out!

    You can be a Book Queen like me but still travel like one of those serious travel witches with no baggage to check or boxes to ship and pick-up at your hotel's shipping office (which, btw, always seems to be in some dark dungeon-scary, suspense-thriller worthy basement). How? Well...all your reading material is now within just a few clicks on your PC, Laptop or Smart Phone...until Santa delivers your E-Reader which will fit in your purse!

    So click away! Download your Free Apps! A whole new, E-Book reading world awaits you!!!

    Sexy Sassy Smart No E-Reader Yet-No Worries Wishes --- D. D. Scott




    Friday, September 24, 2010

    Bitchy Signs, Shout-outs, Quotes & Anecdotes

    TGIF, All!!!

    To celebrate the kick-off of the final three weeks 'til my MUSE THERAPY: UNLEASHING YOUR INNER SYBIL Release Day --- October 15th is the muse magical day --- I've got a brand spankin' new blog feature I'm calling "Bitchy Signs, Shout-Outs, Quotes and Anecdotes"!

    Here's the scoop...

    In my Muse Therapy Online Classes and Live Workshops as well as in MUSE THERAPY: UNLEASHING YOUR INNER SYBIL (the book version of the classes & workshops), I use a ton of fun and fabulous Bitchy Signs, Quotes and Anecdotes to help writers rein in and reign over their creative divas.


    Because I'm a visual kinda gal. Perhaps because I paint and draw as well as write, but perhaps too because I'm all about "seeing" my life not thru rose-colored glasses but thru the beyond farcical LOL spins and images that make life what it times, one huge times, one glorious, Prince Poppycock-style extravaganza.

    So when me and my muses are feelin' blue or a wee bit stressed out, tired and cranky, we rely on fabulous bitchy signs, quotes and anecdotes so as not to feel quite so alone in our Cranky Bitch-Queen Mode.

    To kick-off the countdown 'til MUSE THERAPY hits e-shelves the world over PLUS to kick-off all our weekends with some bodacious and bitchy humor, I'm doing this TGIF Bitchy Signs, Shout-outs, Quotes and Anecdotes blog post series.

    Fun stuff!!!

    So ready...set...go...let's roll-out the first Bitchy Sign:

    Now, in D. D. Scott-ville, the coffee is a dark, dark roast or espresso and the hairspray, on a bad hair day, well, it's nothin' short of that damn near freeze-dried shit. So yeah. Look out, y'all. When I feel the need to refer to this sign, step on back. Flip-on the espresso machine. And pop-off the lid on the nearest can of hairspray. 'Cause this Bitch is comin' through!!! Oh yeahhh. She's one tough chick!!!

    And see what can happen if you follow this advise?

    You could be the next Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn's Holly as well as Audrey herself are huge parts of my Muse Therapy Sessions!)...yes, as in BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S Holly Golightly...

    Okay...that's today's Bitchy Sign plus the fabulous potential results it can give you if taken...well...not-quite-so-seriously!

    And how's this for a bit of fabulousness?!

    Coming soon to my is a page dedicated to all my favorite Bitchy Signs. And I'll even have contests going where y'all can submit your signs to post to the page too!!! Plus, there's a ton more Muse Therapy Cranky-Bitch Stuff on the horizon. So stay-tuned!!!

    In the mean time, harness your Inner Bitch and rock on!!!

    Sexy Sassy Smart Muse Therapy Bitchy Signs Wishes --- D. D. Scott

    P.S. My post today is dedicated to my fabulous new BFF Tonya Kappes of The Naked Hero Grog who's had one rough all about her week from Hell at .

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    Wednesday, September 22, 2010

    Muses and Must-See TV

    Happy Hump Day, All!

    So here's "The Situation"...and yes, I've been watching wayyy too much Dancing With The Stars the last two days...

    But it's not just Dancing With The Stars that has me and my muses crankin' out pages with gusto! How 'bout all the rest of the new and fabulous, Fall Must-See TV Line-up?!

    I sooo agree with the wonderfully flamboyant, Italian choreographer and Dancing With The Stars judge Bruno Tonioli who said of The Hoff's not-so-fabulous dancing debut "it was a poop-pourri of insanity". And as The Hoff corrected Bruno, "you mean potpourri"...there is one heckuva potpourri of fabulous new shows to get all of our muses dancing across our pages!!!

    Here's my Must-See TV List (and yes, my DVR is workin' it like a mirrored-ball trophy champ):

    NBC's The Event

    NBC's Chase

    NBC's Undercovers

    NBC's Outlaw appears NBC is my Go-To Network this Fall...check out these great newbies at

    But I've also got my ABC ( luvs like Dancing With The Stars of course plus my beyond beloved Castle. TV isn't TV without a bunch of Beckett and Rick Castle...luuuvvv Rick's mother too!

    ABC's Castle

    And as far as CBS (, well I just can't wait for their $#*! My Dad Says !!! William Shatner is gonna totally blow this character outta the sanity park!!!

    CBS's Shit ($#*!) My Dad Says

    Plus you know I'm not missing a minute of Fox's ( Glee and Human Target! Afterall, I was a Gleek in high school.

    Fox's Glee

    And I mean what chick doesn't want to watch Human Target's Mark Valley aka Chance for an hour a week?!

    Fox's Human Target that's my new Fall Line-up, Must-See Muse TV List!

    As far as why my muses dance to all these fabulously scripted beats and shows?

    Well...think about the Emmy Season we just passed...and what those fabulous Emmy statues symbolize...

    There's just sooo much comfort in knowing that the writers for all the
    shows we enjoy traveled their own journey through writing-for-publication Hell.
    And they still are...

    Think about the poignant stories they tell when accepting their Emmy's and
    Oscar's. Key-in on the fact that often they'll thank that one person who
    believed in them when no one else did.

    Boy, does that sound familiar, right?

    All we each need to succeed is that one person to believe in our talent.

    But first, we must believe in ourselves and our muses.

    TV (and movies too!) then are ripe for daily/weekly Muse Therapy shots of creative
    diva adrenaline.

    I don't know how many times I sit on my favorite chaise lounge w/a cup of hot
    tea or some nights (no denial here...LOL!) a Black Russian and let my DVR "show
    me the beat" to my muses.

    I'll tune into the shows I listed above and think out-loud to myself 'I can write that' or better yet 'I have a character/story like that...but with this unique twist'. Yesss!!! And obviously bunches of people must like that stuff or think an audience will like it...cause it made it to our screens! LOL!!!

    Sexy Sassy Smart Muse Therapy and Must-See TV Wishes --- D. D. Scott

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    Friday, September 17, 2010

    Fabulous New Chick Lit Blog Launches Sunday!!!

    It's TGIF here in D. D. Scott-ville!!!

    And y'all know me well enough that it's no surprise we celebrate All-Things-Chick Lit here in D. D. Scott-ville!

    Well...raise your Happy Hour glasses higher-than-high this afternoon 'cause this weekend we're all in for a big, big treat!!!

    Sunday is Launch Day for the new and beyond fabulous RWA Chick Lit Chapter Blog!

    Oh we're talkin' there's gonna be plenty of Chick Lit Attitude.

    And not only are we going to attempt to define that "attitude" but we're going to go inside the publishing industry and prove to y'all that Chick Lit Is Sooo Not Dead! Perhaps it's going thru a major makeover, but the genre is still a huge crowd favorite.

    We'll talk to writers, readers, agents, editors, librarians and reviewers too to bring you new twists on the age-old Lits vs. Chicks Debate.

    Not familiar with the Lits vs. Chicks Debate?

    Well...we'll have all the scoop on that face-off...think of it as the Real Housewives(esque) of Literary Fiction (Lits) vs Real Housewives(esque) of Chick Lit and Women's Fiction (Chicks)! Fun stuff!!!

    So check-in with today's Chick Lit Chicks (and a few Chucks too!) this Sunday at !!!

    Sexy Sassy Smart All-Things-Chick Lit Wishes --- D. D. Scott

    P.S. And please let me know what topics you'd luv us to explore on the new Chick Lit Blog...




    Wednesday, September 15, 2010

    I'm The Naked Hero's Guest Goddess Today! And We're Goin' Poppycock!!!

    Morning, All!

    Today, I'm beyond honored to be doing my first ever Guest Goddess Gig at the fabulous Tonya Kappes' The Naked Hero ( ( !!!

    We're talkin' Muse Therapy via BOOTSCOOTIN' & POPPYCOCK DREAMS...and yes, I mean Poppycock as in the beyond sensational Prince Poppycock of America's Got Talent!

    So put on your boots or your favorite dancing shoes and bring yourself (and your muses too) to The Naked Hero and Go Poppycock with us!!!

    Sexy Sassy Smart BOOTSCOOTIN' & POPPYCOCK Wishes --- D. D. Scott

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    Tuesday, September 14, 2010

    Writing Tips & Tidbits From RWA10 Disney World: Straight From The Authors' Mouths

    Morning, All!

    As we discussed in a previous post, what happened at RWA10 Disney World is sooo not stayin' there! Nope. Notta chance. 'Cause I'm tellin' ya all about it right here in D. D. Scott-ville!

    Why? my current Muse Therapy Online Class, we're cussing and discussing Potent Quotables that keep our butts in our chairs and our fingers flying across our keyboards to the next 'The End'.

    And here's the thing...

    Despite the wicked witches and big-ass, apple-hurling trees trying to prevent us writers from getting to Publishing Oz, we can rely on terrific quotes and anecdotes from the romance writing industry's hottest stars to keep our BITCHOK groove skipping along the Yellow Brick Road.

    So here are a few beyond fabulous quotes I picked-up while attending RWA10 at Disney World:

    "You must have an 'F- You' attitude to make it. You must be brave and forward. It's beyond rough." --- Alexandra Sokoloff, Hollywood Screenwriter and Author (

    "Reader A still loves what Reader B thinks is crap." --- Nora Roberts, NYT's Bestseller (

    "Assume you're going to do well...not tank. It's all about attitude." --- Elizabeth Hoyt, NYT's Bestseller (

    "There are many near death experiences in publishing." --- Jayne Ann Krentz, NYT's Bestseller (

    "I write because I can't do anything else well!" --- Meg Cabot, NYT's Bestseller (

    How's all that for some fun, fabulous, LOL inspiration?!

    I've got tons more from RWA10 Disney World to share with you. So I'll be posting these little gems frequently here in D. D. Scott-ville.

    Sexy Sassy Smart Romance Star Quotes & Anecdotes Wishes --- D. D. Scott

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    Friday, September 10, 2010


    Ohhh about one huge TGIF moment...

    I'm kickin'-off the weekend by revealing the beyond fabulous Book Cover for my October 2010 debut non-fiction release MUSE THERAPY: UNLEASHING YOUR INNER SYBIL!!!

    Is that cover just super sensational or what?!!!

    Not only did my amazing cover designer - Shelley of WebCrafters Design ( - knock this one wayyy outta the park of perfect, but New York Times Bestselling Author Eloisa James ( gave me my wonderful cover quote!!! Yesss!!!

    MUSE THERAPY: UNLEASHING YOUR INNER SYBIL is the non-fiction writing craft book I wrote based on the huge success of my Muse Therapy Online Classes and Live Workshops. The entire concept has completely rocked me and my muses' worlds, and I'm having a beyond fabulous time sharing the muse luv with writers around the globe!

    MUSE THERAPY - the book - not only has all the sessions we cover in my online Muse Therapy classes, but also contains four additional Muse Therapy Sessions as well as a ton more fun and fabulous bestselling author quotes and anecdotes regarding all-things-muse-related. Besides the wonderful Eloisa James, you'll hear from:

    Allison Brennan
    Jennifer Crusie
    Cynthia Eden
    Janet Evanovich
    Jennifer Greene
    Nancy Haddock
    Gemma Halliday
    Linda Howard
    Marcia James
    Jayne Ann Krentz
    Debbie Macomber
    Nora Roberts
    Karen Rose
    Tawny Weber

    I'm super excited to share the MUSE THERAPY Book Cover with you and can't wait 'til the October 15th release date on both Amazon's Kindle and at Smashwords!

    In the mean time, I've got a ton of fun things planned leading up to Launch Day - including super cool Behind and Beyond My Books posts on the making of MUSE THERAPY plus terrific guest bloggers celebrating their muses and how MUSE THERAPY has worked to rein in and reign over their creative divas.

    Sexy Sassy Smart MUSE THERAPY Wishes --- D. D. Scott




    Tuesday, September 7, 2010


    Happy Tuesday, Y'All!!!

    Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday weekend!

    And in the spirit of a terrific travel time, I thought I'd give you the inside scoop on one of my favorite places to visit. So in this Behind and Beyond My Books post, we're goin' Music City all the way with my answer to "Why Nashville TN?"

    I chose Nashville, TN - aka Music City - or rather, it chose me and my muses, for the setting of BOOTSCOOTIN' BLAHNIKS because of a host of fun and fabulous reasons.

    First and foremost, BOOTSCOOTIN' BLAHNIKS is all about the luuuv of country line dancing, and there just simply isn't a better place I know of to do a beautiful box-step and sassy swingin' grapevine like Music City's Wildhorse Saloon (!!!

    Wildhorse Saloon Dance Floor and Restaurant

    No matter whether you're listening to up-and-coming local country bands or all-ready-made-it-big stars like Charlie Daniels, Darius Rucker, Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney, and Martina McBride, the Wildhorse Saloon is the hot spot to bootscoot and mingle with country music legends!!!

    Take a close look at the picture above as well as the one below (with the crowded dance floor), and you'll "see" exactly the scenes I describe through-out BOOTSCOOTIN' BLAHNIKS.

    My Roxy and Zayne live to be on the dance floor of their Neon Cowboy Saloon just like me and my muses dance the nights away at Nashville's beyond fabulous Wildhorse Saloon!!!

    Wildhorse Saloon w/a full dance floor

    So what happens after a night of bootscootin'?

    Well for me and my muses and the characters we create, we're having pancakes to-die-for at Nashville's world famous Pancake Pantry (

    Pancake Pantry
    And just like their website says: "We always have a line, snow, rain or shine!"

    But boy-oh-boy is that line sooo worth it!!! You not only get these amazing pancakes - my personal favorite are the Swiss Chocolate Chip, although many country music celebrities swear on the Caribbean Pancakes and the Sweet Potato Pancakes -, but you also get a chance to see many of Nashville's' hottest stars enjoying their favorite pancakes too!!!

    Pancake Pantry's Caribbean Pancakes
    Here's the official description right from the menu:
    "Take an island vacation with this pancake specialty. Five buttermilk pancakes topped with banana, shredded coconut, chopped pecans, and powdered sugar. Topped with a cherry, you'll feel like you are on the ocean shore."

    Now besides kickin'-up their boot heels at the saloon, and devouring mighty fine pancakes, my Roxy and Zayne also have their career worlds of fashion boutiques and tomato growin'. So how does that fit into or grow from a Nashville TN setting?'s in Nashville, right outside the Pancake Pantry, in an area known as Hillsboro Village, bordering the beyond beautiful Vanderbilt University campus, where I've discovered a few of my favorite boutiques. Next time you're in Music City, look-up this gem of a boutique:

    Posh Boutique Hillsboro Location

    You can follow Posh's fabulous blog ( to keep-up with their latest treasures and to learn who's who in country music that's wearing their collections. Fun stuff!!!

    Now while Roxy strives in BOOTSCOOTIN' BLAHNIKS to make a viable business out of her beloved boutique Raeve, modelled after my luuuvvv of all-things-Posh, Zayne is working his father's beloved tomatoes to get 'em ready for Nashville's Tomato Festival.

    Yes...Nashville TN is truly tomato country. During the hotter-than-hot Tennessee summers, native Tennesseans are measured by their tomatoes joke. And they love to compare their tomatoes - plus the art those tomatoes inspire - sooo much, there's a huge, huge Tomato Art Festival each August to celebrate the state's love of all-things-tomatoes!!!

    Heirloom Tomatoes like Zayne grows

    You can learn all the quirky fun scoop about Nashville's Tomato Art Festival on their website at ! Even their logo vouches for their hilarious take on tomatoes and TN life...“The Tomato...A Uniter, Not A Divider - Bringing Together Fruits And Vegetables”.

    How funky fun is that?!

    So that's the Behind and Beyond My Book scoop on "Why Nashville TN?" for BOOTSCOOTIN' BLAHNIKS.

    Sexy Sassy Smart Music City Wishes --- D. D. Scott




    Thursday, September 2, 2010

    RWA10: My Muses and The Magic Kingdom

    You know what they say...

    "What Happens In" - (in this case Walt Disney World) - "Stays In"...

    But that ain't happin' this time!!!

    I'm spilling the mighty creative beans and giving you all a peek at the magic my muses found at this summer's RWA10 in Orlando, Florida!!!

    So grab a coffee or a cocktail and let your muses play!!!

    First, a big 'ole qualifier muses have always been huge, huge Walt Disney fans. And here's why:

    Did you know Walt Disney once got fired as a newspaper guy 'cause he "didn't have any good ideas"?!

    Can you shout with me, "Hello, Idiots?!"

    Well...Walt's my man! He didn't let that defeat stop him. No way. And he didn't just make his dreams come true by seeing his beloved Disney World (code name "The Florida Project") come to life. He gave us all the inspiration to wish upon a star, and have the courage to see that wish become our reality.

    So you can imagine, based on my Walt Disney hero-worship, how beyond thrilled I was when it was announced that RWA10 was "Goin' Disney"!!!

    Here's a little photo collage giving you the inside scoop on Me, My Muses and The Magic Kingdom:

    Our RWA10 Magical Journey began next to the fabulous fountain in the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort! Just gorgeous!!! Michael Graves absolutely rocked the decor and design of the entire resort!

    Now that's one fabulous hotel! The Disney Dolphin Resort!!!

    Ended the first night at Disney for RWA10 w/fireworks at the Castle! Perfect end to a beyond perfect Disney Day w/my DH!

    DH treated me to these gourmet lollipops! Yummy!!! Aren't these the ones Kim Kardashian luvs?! Hope I look like her when I'm done devouring 'em! Hmmm - key lime pie or banana creme first?! Big decision!!! I went with the banana creme!

    RWA10 Fab & Fabulous Looking Food!

    RWA10 More Fab & Fabulous Looking Food - From a Top Chef too! I think Todd English's Bluezoo Restaurant.

    My muses also luv Disney's gorgeous gardens & topiary magic! Wish I had one of these magical brooms at home!!!

    Disney's Small World - One of my muses most favorite of all places! The epitome of magical kingdoms!!!

    Perhaps my favorite "world" in Disney's Small World

    At Disney, never forget to look up too! There's magic & dreams come true all around u!!!

    Gotta luv Disney's Hollywood Studios Stunt Shows! Being part of the pub industry feels like being a stunt girl daredevil!!!

    More from Disney's Hollywood Studios - same way it feels when u just got another rejection in the mail!!!

    Luuuvvv the Eye-Catching Epcot Sphere! Palm Trees a Huge Plus-Factor Too!!!'s that for a fun and fabulous, magical muse adventure?!!!

    And here's the scoop...the great thing about a-muse-ing adventures is that it doesn't matter "why" anything grabs your creative divas and hangs-on tight. It just matters that those images do hold-on.

    It's up to you - as your muses' Queens (and Kings) - just like it was up to Walt Disney - to make your dreams come true by harnessing your ideas and never letting go 'til you achieve your very own Magical Kingdom.

    Sexy Sassy Smart Muses and Magic Kingdom Wishes --- D. D. Scott

    P.S. In my next blog, I'll share a few of the fabulous writing quotes and anecdotes I picked-up at RWA10 from today's hottest romance genre stars!!!

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