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    Tuesday, July 26, 2011

    Now You Can Read Any D. D. Scott Romantic Comedy or Cozy Mystery For Less Than a Trip To Your Local Dollar Store!!!

    That's right, D. D. Scott-ville!!!

    Happy Tuesday and Happy Dollar Days in D. D. Scott-ville!!!

    You can now treat yourself to any of my Romantic Comedy Bootscootin' Books and my Cozy Cash Mysteries too for less than a trip to your local dollar store!!!

    Here's the scoop:

    Now that the 4th book featuring my Bootscootin' Books Characters is here -

    THUG GUARD, Book One of my new, Cozy Cash Mysteries...where all your fave Bootscootin' Characters are gettin' "cozy" in cozy mystery cozy...

    And the 5th book - LIP GLOCK - is comin' mid-August...

    A lot of my readers and fans are asking in what order they should read the books to follow the series from Book One to Book Four.

    So...not only am I givin' ya the scoop on each one, in order, and a sneak peek at what you can expect from each book featuring the Bootscootin' Characters...

    I've just dropped the price to 99 Cents for each book in the series!!!

    I luuuvvv treating my readers and fans to "great books for great prices"!!!

    And now you can one-click-buy any of my Bootscootin' Books and Cozy Cash Mysteries for less than a trip to your local dollar store!!!

    Here's the scoop on each one:

    BOOTSCOOTIN' BLAHNIKS - Think Sex and The City meets Urban Cowboy

    STOMPIN' ON STETSONS - It's Hell's Kitchen mixed with Meet the Fockers

    BUCKLES ME BABY - Think paparazzi-hell and Ponzi-scheme fall-out meet home-shopping and Babies "R" Us

    THUG GUARD - Think The Rachel Zoe Project meets Bond, James Bond and a Madoff-style, Ponzi-scheming King

    The Bootscootin' Books are romantic comedies with a chick lit, gone-country twist...and now a cozy mystery twist too!

    Happy Reading and Welcome to my Bootscootin' and Cozy Cash Mystery Worlds!

    P.S. The next book - LIP GLOCK - will be released in August...right in time to wrap-up all your summer, beach-time reading!

    P.S.S. For excerpts of all five books plus sneak peeks at number six, visit my website's The Books Page

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    Tuesday, July 19, 2011

    What Do Pot-Bellied Pigs, Hydrofoils and Gelato Have In Common? LIP GLOCK, Book Two of The Cozy Cash Mysteries!

    Happy Tuesday, D. D. Scott-ville!

    The Countdown to LIP GLOCK's Release is Here!

    LIP GLOCK - Book Two of my new, Cozy Cash Mysteries - releases in mid-August!!!

    Think Will and Kate gone Bond, James Bond...and the blue-hair version of Charlie's Angels too...Under the Tuscan Sun

    To celebrate the countdown's launch...I'm treatin' ya to terrific hints into the book's many, superfab fun elements.

    So, to that end...

    What Do...

    Pot-Bellied Pigs


    and Gelato

    Have in Common?

    LIP GLOCK...

    Book Two of my new, Cozy Cash Mysteries...

    where my Roman and Zoey, who are now very Will and Kate gone Bond, James Bond, team-up with the blue-hair version of Charlie's Angels once again...but this time, Under the Tuscan Sun, to recover billions of bunches of hedge fund cozy cash.

    It's Your Turn, D. D. Scott-ville: Who do you think will be at the wheels of the hydrofoils makin' a helluva splash?!

    Sexy, Sassy, Smart LIP GLOCK Wishes --- D. D. Scott

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    Tuesday, July 12, 2011

    Muse Therapy Extra Tip: Life Ain't Always a Beach...So Go Sit On One!

    Happy Tuesday, D. D. Scott-ville!

    It's been awhile since I've treated y'all to a little bit of Muse how 'bout a Muse Therapy Extra Tip?

    For those of you new to D. D. Scott-ville, you can check out all-things-Muse Therapy right here:

    For this Muse Therapy Mini-Session, think...

    Life Ain't Always a Beach...So Go Sit On One!!!

    That's right. It never hurts to find a gorgeous spot, then get comfy in your fave beach chair, and just veg...or, in my world, simply watch the boats come in.

    ***Note: U can of course do this the cyber way too - right from your laptop or PC - but if you can get outdoors, even if it's not onto a beach, get out and soak-in some sunshine and Vitamin D and Mother Nature's Magic!***

    If you're a writer, it's sooo easy to get mired down in the business-side muck of writing-for-publication.

    Even though, I've found part of the solution to that by the incredible feeling I get Paying It Forward to other writers on my grog The WG2E - The Writer's Guide to Epublishing, sometimes muses just need a break.

    And if you're not a writer, but rather a superfab reader, you may need a break from life and often find that by escaping into a book, right? And if you happen to be on a beach while reading too?! darn fantabulous is that?! LOL!

    Sometimes you've just got to bask in whatever it is that soothes your soul.

    For me, that's the beach, where I swear I can feel my chest open-up and my spirit soar with the seagulls.

    I somehow find there, in my parcel of sand, the ability to put my life and career in perspective, then accept my reality and its constant changes, hassles, and advances along with the ebb and flow of the tide.

    Listen to your muses - those voices in your soul - that whisper to you exactly what your body, mind and psyche need to survive and thrive.

    Then find your "beach"...and sit on it!!!

    It's Your Turn, D. D. Scott-ville: Where do you take your muses to help 'em get back into their groove? In other words, how do you escape life's bits of crazy?

    Sexy Sassy Smart Find Your Beach and Sit On It Wishes --- D. D. Scott

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    Tuesday, July 5, 2011

    THUG GUARD is a Frugal eReader "Under One" Pick!

    WooHooooo and huge 'ole Happy Tuesdays to Y'All in D. D. Scott-ville!

    Talk about one fireworks-worthy, spectacular 4th of July...yesterday, around lunch-time, I was notified that...

    THUG GUARD - Book One of my new, Cozy Cash Mysteries - was chosen as a

    Frugal eReader "Under One" Pick!!!

    Here's the scoop:

    Monday's Three: Under Nine, Under Five, Under One!

    Under One: Thug Guard (a Cozy Cash Mystery), D. D. Scott {$0.99}
    Think The Rachel Zoe Project meets Bond, James Bond and a Madoff-style, Ponzi-scheming King.

    Hollywood Stylist to The Stars Zoey Witherspoon is a wanna-be Stephanie Plum, and to that end, she’s now moonlighting as a badge-toting P.I. But on her way to style one of her infamously diva-esque clients, she discovers her first Dead Guy in a Range Rover parked next to her. And this isn’t just any dead guy. It’s the guy with a Russian mob connection, who her former client, Ponzi-scheming King Bernard McCall, hired to knock her off.

    Bond, James Bond-style Double Agent Roman Bellesconi is hell-bent on bringing down Ponzi-scheming King Bernard McCall. Why? Because (1) that’s his job. But also because (2) he’s got a lot more at stake than job security. If he doesn’t bring down Bernie, his family’s monarchy will be destroyed.

    As the dead guys keep piling-up around ‘em, Zoey may be damn sick of Roman’s deep and very dark secrets, but, she’s also convinced that perhaps, like Roman’s been reiterating, it’s only because he’s keeping those secrets, they’re both still alive. But is there a way for their cover to be blown, Roman’s secrets thus revealed, and each of ‘em live to tell about it?

    “D.D. Scott is already a master at wise-cracking characters and action that moves as fast as any Ludlum flick. In fact, think of Zoey Witherspoon as Jason Bourne – with a good set of French tips and a designer holster for her Glock.” –jfredlee “Jeff”

    The average customer review is currently 4.5 stars {6 reviews}.

    Thanks sooo very much, Elizabeth and your superfab The Frugal eReader site!!!

    And btw, if y'all want to discover some of today's super hot Kindle Reads, The Frugal eReader is the place to be!

    You can even suscribe to the site right from your Kindle, read it, then buy the wonderful books recommended by the site, again, right from your Kindle!

    I especially love and watch for these Monday's Three posts which recommend Frugal eReader Editor's Picks for the best in Kindle Books Under Nine Dollars, Under Five Dollars and Under One Dollar.

    Whatever your price range, Frugal eReader has really terrific, Ereading suggestions!!!

    It's Your Turn, D. D. Scott-ville: How many of y'all have heard of and/or use The Frugal eReader?

    Sexy Sassy Smart D. D. Scott and Frugal eReader Wishes --- D. D. Scott

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