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    Wednesday, July 28, 2010

    My Big Huge Bootscootin' & Beyond News!!!

    Hello from RWA10 at Walt Disney World!

    Not only is it super sunny today and wayyy, wayyy beyond hot here in Orlando Florida but the Mouse is in the House and helping me announce the most magical news to date in my Creative Kingdom!!!

    Since the big huge Bootscootin' news is now officially to be seen and heard in the RWA10 Goody Room, I want you all at home to share in my celebration!!!

    Drum roll please...

    My Romantic Comedy novel BOOTSCOOTIN' BLAHNIKS is going to be released as an Amazon ( Kindle E-book in mid-August!!! And for those of you who E-read by Sony's E-reader, Barnes & Noble's nook, a Kobo or IPad, no worries, you can purchase BOOTSCOOTIN' from

    How cool is that?!!!

    Wow...has it ever been one long, looonnng road to publication (try 8 to 10 years...the exact number I've lost track of...and I'm not kidding about that...)!!! But here I am...thanks to the love and support of my family and friends plus the fabulous-ness that is my amazing agent Mary Louise Schwartz of Belfrey Literary Agency in LA!!!

    As soon as Kindle and Smashwords have each book available for purchase, I'll have the links for you at So mark your calendars for the week of August 15th for my launch title BOOTSCOOTIN' BLAHNNIKS!!!

    But wait...there's more...LOL!...another drum roll please...

    Thanks to the huge success of my Muse Therapy Online Classes & Live Workshops, MUSE THERAPY: UNLEASHING YOUR INNER SYBIL will also be available at both Amazon Kindle & Smashwords this Fall as will books two and three in the BOOTSCOOTIN' trilogy and a brand new Cozy Mystery series to kick-off 2011!!!

    Thanks to all of you who have continued to keep me and my muses somewhat sane during my writing-for-publication journey! And you all know with me that ain't no easy task!!! LOL!

    Sexy Sassy Smart E-Reading Wishes --- D. D. Scott

    P.S. A very special thank you goes to my SweetMan! He's shown me that heroes do exist in real life and not just in the pages of the novels I love to write and read. I love you, SB. Forever, Always, and Beyond...Plus One Plus Two.




    Friday, July 9, 2010

    Need a Neurotic Rejection Happy Hour Fix?

    TGIF, All!

    Need a reason to kick-off your Happy Hour a wee bit earlier than usual? Take a look at the beyond horrid (but still LOL) rejection anecdotes I posted today on my Savvy Author Guest Blog!

    Then drink-up, My Friends!!! Sending cyber toasts your way right now...

    Sexy Sassy Smart No-Wonder-We're-Neurotic-Writers Wishes --- D. D. Scott